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Delivery Bed Optima

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More comfortable childbirth Giving birth to a child is an overwhelming experience that parents will remember forever. However, it is also an event full of both emotions and physical stress. Reassuring the wellbeing of both mother and baby is crucial for any maternity services and labour ward. To help make the whole event more comfortable without compromising on health and safety, Merivaara provides a range of ergonomic furnishings for the maternity unit, such as examination tables and lights for antenatal care, delivery beds for labour, as well as baby cribs, child cots and patient beds for...

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Three different Optima delivery bed models available Optima delivery bed family offers more comfortable childbirth during all stages of labour. Several positioning options, ergonomic features, and stable and reliable structure enhance the comfort of mother, newborn baby and midwife. With 3 different Optima models, the maternity unit can choose the one that best suit their needs and working environment.

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During labour Optima delivery bed – ergonomic, mobile and safe The renewed Optima bed has been designed with the mother, midwife and obstetrician in mind. We have focused particularly on ergonomics, safety and mobility to help create a better environment for both the family and health care staff. • Suitable for all stages of labour, also when special medical attention is required • Multiple delivery positions in a single unit affords a greater level of comfort for the mother • The midwife can easily access the mother from different positions thus improving ergonomics and safety • Electric...

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Both knee crutches and squatting bar can be attached to the seat section with the unique locking mechanism or to the leg section with a plug-in system, offering more freedom for different positioning. New design rail option, both stylish and more hygienic. The large stainless steel bowl under the bed can be pushed under the leg section and pulled out when needed. Ultra light yet stable, the leg section is easy to manoeuvre and slide in under the bed together with the mattress thus making the work ow faster and more ergonomic. The height adjustable leg section can also bear a heavy workload...

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Optima 4-motor Optima 4-motor is the most advanced model offering several electric adjustments and safety features. This model has leg section with height adjustment and tilting. These features provides enhanced possibilities to use various positions during labour. The height adjustable leg section enables, e.g., delivery in sitting position and also offers an option to use the leg section to support the feet of the mother during the pushing phase. By tilting the leg section, the effect is even more obvious. Functions Electric functions: • Height adjustment • Back section adjustment • Leg...

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Optima 2-motor Optima 2-motor is quite similar to the 4-motor model, but adjustments for Trendelenburg and leg section are manual in this model. The leg section moves manually in/out under the seat section, but doesn’t feature height adjustment or tilting. Otherwise Optima’s ergonomics and safety features are just as good as in the 4-motor model. Functions Electric functions: • Height adjustment • Back section adjustment Manual functions: • Leg section movement in/out • Trendelenburg • Quick release for back section Optima hydraulic Optima hydraulic is designed to ensure the best possible...

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Multiple positions in a single unit for better comfort Sitting position Benefits: • Efcient pushing position with good ergonomics • Optimises gravity and helps widen the pelvic opening which makes labour easier Optima provides: • Wide foot rests • Grab handles for enhanced pushing force • A wide range of leg section adjustments for faster labour and improved midwife ergonomics Upright position with squatting bar Benefits: • Optimises gravity and helps widen the pelvic opening which makes labour easier • Relaxation of pelvic area allows for a more comfortable delivery for the mother • Also...

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Lateral position Benefits: • Makes it easier to relax between the contractions and pushing sessions • It also minimises pressure on perineum and maximises blood ow to the uterus and the baby • Ergonomic position for mothers of different sizes Optima provides: • A wide range of adjustments for the leg rests • Convenient locking of the clamps (patent pending) Kneeling position Benefits: • Reduces pressure on the diaphragm and improves the blood supply to the contracting muscles • Easy to nd a comfortable pelvic position Optima provides: • Wide adjustment of seat and back section • Slide-in...

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Overview of all three Optima models Electric adjustments: • Height • Back section • Leg section height • Trendelenburg Electric adjustments: • Height • Back section • Height • Back section • Leg section movement in/ out • Trendelenburg Manual functions: • Leg section movement in / out • Leg section tilting For extra safety: • Manual Trendelenburg • Manual quick release for back section Manual functions: • Leg section movement in/ out • Trendelenburg For extra safety: • Manual quick release for back section Technical Specifications Mattress base Safe working load (SWL ) Maximum patient...

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Knee crutches, pair Foot rests Side rails Side rails hydr. model hydr. model Infusion rod Lifting pole Squatting bar Arm rest Monitor tray 4-hooks 100000499 With 4-motor model only. Bowl 121 for all models Accessory rail Bed end, foldable Bed end Bowl 61 for 2-motor model With 4-motor model only. A41982900 2-motor + 100009990 2-motor + A42199400 hydr. models hydr. models Basket for Journal basket Hook for electric cable Attendant control panel ACO mattress set 128009784 A41987307 For nurses, with possibility to lock 10003974 electric adjustments, can be placed e.g. to head end or on the...

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