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Merilux Lamps for surgery and examination

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Merilux Camera-/monitor system for operating rooms The Merivaara Merilux Vision™ series is designed for use in multiple locations in modern health care, where transferring of video images is supporting the needs of the health care personnel. MERILUX VISIONTM TRIO Offering huge amount of possibilities in terms of different congurations that can be dened to meet the exact needs. Additional lamp head can be used to provide more light coverage for anaesthetical purposes. Available lamp heads: • X5 • X5 with camera • monitor arm • X3 • X1 2

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION FOR CAMERA SOLUTION Image sensor Effective pixels (PAL) Lens 18x optical zoom f = 4.1mm (wide) to 73.8mm (tele) F1.4 to F3.0 Digital zoom 4x Electronic shutter 1/60 to 1/ 10 000 s (16 steps) White balance Auto, Manual AE control Each camera unit has a separate control box for white balance, iris, focus and zoom. Separate model of control box enable installation into thetable,wall or panel. (PAL format) 444,000 pix Lens Control box ¼ Super HAD CCD Auto, Manual Video signal both Composite Video- and S-VHS Monitor arm Double yoke Merilux X3 and X5 lamp heads can...

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Merilux The Merivaara Merilux lamp series is designed for use during examinations and operations in, for example, emergency rooms, hospital ICUs, outpatient surgery centres and recovery rooms. The wide range of lighting features and arm and installation options allow for the right lighting solutions for different facilities and needs. X5 CM* Order no. 500551 For minimum ceiling height of 2,500 mm Ceiling mounted X5 CM 2 Order no. 500552 For ceiling height less than 2,500 mm Ceiling mounted *Choose ceiling tube from page 7 4 For the deep and sharp lighting X5 WM Order no. 500561 Wall mounted

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When light output counts Thanks to a broad eld of illumination provided by the ve-bulb array, the X5 Operation Lamp can be used for both outpatient surgery and more demanding procedures. • exceptional depth of illumination • outstanding laminar ow characteristics • infrared-ltered and steady illumination • easy-to-clean surfaces • simple and quick to aim and focus • detachable and sterilizable handle One of the best depth of illumination on the market Due to the outstanding depth of illumination on the X3 Operation Lamp, the lamp height does not need height adjustment during operations. The...

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Merilux Merilux X1, X3 and X5 ceiling-mounted models can be combined to form ”Duos” and also to “Trios”. Further enhancing the range of lamp applications serve more completely the whole variety of requirements, especially in day surgery. It can also be used to provide more light coverage for anaesthetical requirements. Combining lamps ensures an evenly distributed light throughout the operating area. MERILUX TRIO Offering huge amount of possibilities in terms of different congurations that can be dened to meet the exact needs. Additional lamp head can be used to provide more light coverage...

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Ceiling tube selection Select the right ceiling tube for a ceiling-mounted lamp. Please note that higher ceilings require a reinforced ceiling tube. When recommended tube lengths from the table below are used, the lowest point of the ceiling tube (see the red arrow in the picture) will be at the height of: single lamps: 2120mm +- 50mm, Duo 320° 2060mm +- 50mm, Duo/Trio 360° 2120 +- 50mm. DUO 360° SINGLE LAMPS AND DUO 2 × 320° Ceiling height Tube length, Ø 50 mm Order No. Reinforced tube length, Ø 100 mm + Ø 50 mm Ceiling height Order No. Tube length 2750 - 2849 mm 200 mm 2850 - 2949 mm 300...

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Merilux The X1 Examination Lamp is ideal for use during examinations and small operations. The new design of the lamp makes it easier to clean. The X1 Examination Lamp with its sterilisable handle and articulated arm lls up ideally the high requirements of hygiene even in the tightest spaces like emergency rooms, examination rooms, recovery rooms and ICUs. • sterilisable handle, exchangeable with X3- and X5-lamps • xed focus (500 – 1500 mm) • reduced glare • easy and quick lamp change X1 FM swing with 2 antistatic castors order no. 485552 X1 CM* Minimum ceiling height 2,000 mm Order no....

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The battery back-up system ensures trouble-free medical operations, without having to worry about disturbances caused by power outages. In the case of a power outage, the Merilux battery back-up system will be automatically switched on in less than 0.5 seconds. For patient safety, the batteries used in the Merilux battery back-up system are designed for installation outside the operating room. When selecting your back-up system, rst specify the maximum operational time under emergency conditions. Then select the batteries that best meet your needs using the table below. The battery back-up...

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Merilux Two Optical Solutions Merivaara offers two types of optical solutions, both using the IRC Ceramic base halogen bulb. IRC means Infra Red Coating - to minimize the out coming heat generated in the bulb there is extra laminated infra red coating. Undisputed benets of this bulb design are 20% less heat generated, trouble free switching of the bulb without any tools and signicant glare reduction due to the painted top of the bulb. Easy and quick lamp change Changing bulbs is quick and requires no tools. Halogen bulb 22.8V/40W IRC Ceramic base. The Color Rendering Index (RA) The Color...

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Merilux X5 RA94 Max. illumination intensity at 1.0m Ec (lux) 160,000 Colour temperature (°K) Light source RA85 Merilux X3 RA94 RA85 100,000 Merilux X1 RA94 RA85 35,000 4300 4300 4300 IRC Halogen IRC Halogen IRC Halogen Power (W) 200 120 40 Lamp voltage (V) 22.8 22.8 22.8 Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic 1000 1000 1000 Quick without tools Quick without tools Quick without tools Working distance (mm) 700 – 1500 700 – 1500 500 – 1500 Light eld Ø (mm) 185 – 280 175 – 240 170 Light eld d50 (mm) 150 100 90 Light eld d10 (mm) 240 200 180 Lamp base Estimated lifetime (h) Change of lamp Power switch at light...

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