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Merivaara INTEGRA

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What is Merivaara INTEGRA? • Service concept for creating functional workplaces together • Integrates equipment and systems • Improves workflow, increases efficiency and saves costs Merivaara INTEGRA is a service concept created to help hospitals and health clinics improve their workflows and increase efficiency through different levels of equipment and system integration. The core of the Merivaara INTEGRA solution for operating rooms is OpenOR™, a revolutionary open architecture management system that can be built based on the needs of the surgical department. In addition to integrating OR...

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What is OpenOR? Revolutionary open architecture system for integrated operating room management. An essential part of Merivaara INTEGRA for operating rooms, the OpenOR is a high capacity, future-proof system in a compact design that integrates operating room devices, data and image management. • Open architecture, based on customer’s needs • Intuitive and streamlined interface in the user’s own language - anyone can use it! • Enables real-time remote consultation, flexible telemedicine and premium level of university teaching • Provides tools for relaxation and feeling of security for...

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Efficient workflow and increased productivity with OpenOR Image and video management Open architecture • Image and video source control • Freedom to choose devices and optimise budgets • Both standard and customised functionalities Centralised control of devices ­ from any – vendor! Easily expandable system • Operating tables • Modular structure • Surgical and general lighting • Video and endoscopic camera • Audio device Touch-screen user interface • Intuitive and streamlined to use via LCD touch screen Integration with hospital systems • Simplified layout designed in close cooperation with...

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Tailor-made for customer needs • Can be installed inside current facilities and integrated with existing devices • Lot of SW functions already available, e.g. Consultation via secured VPN connection • Customer-specific functions when needed • All new standard and customer-specific functions, including user interface modifications, are built up based on customer requirements. Meets technical requirements • Control hardware and software from any brand or vendor • Takes advantage of standard communication technologies • Utilises the hospital’s current security policies • Devices and functions...

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Project management services Whom shall I contact in case of any concerns regarding the delivery of my system? Our professional project managers will make sure that what you ask for is what you will get! System updates How can I be sure that my system will remain safe and reliable to use? We will keep your system always up to date, ensuring safe and reliable use. Component procurement assistance I do not want suppliers to double charge me for components that bring no added value. We will help you to find the most reliable basic components for local sourcing. Project documentation services...

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User requirement documentation How to transfer clinical user needs to technical specifications? Our professionals will use detailed checklists in order to define essential customer needs. Medical device configuration assistance Which configuration would be the optimal one for my needs? Based on documented user needs, we will help you determine the optimal medical device configuration. Mechanical installation services How can I be sure that my devices are safely and securely installed? Our certified technicians will install and test the devices based on manufacturers’ instructions....

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Solutions for efficient physical patient flow and well-being The status of the information, specifications and illustrations in this publication is indicated by the date of publication. Whilst the greatest care has been taken over its compilation, Merivaara not responsible for any errors or omissions. Merivaara Corp. reserves the right to make changes to the technology, features, specifications and design of the equipment and models without notice. Please check the Merivaara website for the latest updated specifications and other information. All trademarks are Merivaara property...

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