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for Merivaara Operating Tables OPERATING ROOM

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Accessories Comprehensive range of operating table accessories This comprehensive selection of accessories is designed to complement Merivaara operating tables in a variety of surgical procedures. Operating table accessories represented in this brochure are manufactured or distributed by Merivaara. When equipped with these high-quality accessories the tables are also suitable for many specialized procedures. The safe and easy fixing and ergonomic design ensure a smooth surgical process with less time demands. All materials used have been carefully selected. The soft, body conforming...

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Arm rests Arm and hand tables 1. Arm rest 19180 Padded arm rest, incl. clamp and strap. Adjustable height and angle (ball joint), easy to operate and adjust by one lever. Order no. 1000 19180 1000 19180U for US-rail Suitable rails: EUR, US 2. Arm rest with radial clamp and ball joint 19185 Padded arm rest, incl. clamp and strap. Adjustable height and angle (ball joint), easy to operate and adjust by one lever. Fixing to rail with radial clamp to give wider adjustment angles. Incl. radial clamp and strap 110. Order no. 1000 19185 1000 19185U for US-rail 7. Carpa table 11912 A reduced-size...

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Supports and straps 11. Wrist straps (pair) 107 16. Supporting Roll, vertical Fixed to the accessory rail with clamps. Safety belt type. Order no. 1000 10368 (requires clamp 10301) 17. Supporting Roll, horizontal 16. Order no. 1000 10369 (requires clamp 10301) Suitable rails: EUR 12. Leg / Body strap 10886, wide Fixing with velcro-tape. 18. Shoulder supports 19129 (pair) Order no. 1000 10886 Suitable rails: EUR, US, UK Includes clamps. Padded. Adjustable angle and distance to shoulders. 13. Patient restraint strap 11081 Attaches to the siderail quickly with stainless steel hooks. Adjust...

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Accessories Head rests 23. Fixing adapter 60146 30. Special head rest 30126 For Doro/Mayfield® Cranial Positioning System and other special head rests. For Promerix, Practico. For “Beach Chair” back rest for shoulder and upper arm procedures. Unique s ­ liding function with double joint mechanism, very wide adjustments in all ­ irections. d Order no. 1000 60146 Suitable with: Promerix, Practico Fits to Promerix 60525 and Practico 30125 back rests. Order no. 1000 30126. Suitable with: Promerix, Practico, with Beach chair back rests Size 270 × 400 mm. Fits all Merivaara operating tables. For...

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37. Leg rests 20118 (pair) Padded and with velcro straps and a ball joint. Stainless steel. Universal clamp 10300 needed for fixing. Order no. 1000 20118 10300 for all rails 42. Divided leg section Section replaces one-piece foot section. Gas spring assisted. Order no. 1000 00148 OP 1650 1000 18261 Rapido 1000 30248 Practico, Promerix Suitable with: Rapido, Practico, Promerix, OP1650 38. Powered Leg rests 60482 (pair) for Promerix table’s powered leg joint Provides excellent patient comfort and precise surgical positioning. The VEF-pad reduces popliteal pressure. Velcro straps for...

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Accessories Leg holders and supports 45. Leg holder 12551 (pair) 50. Arthroscopic stress post 12530 Stainless steel construction for smoother operation and improved reliability. Strong rotation lock prevents slippage and permits vertical adjustment from 700 – 1030 mm. Universal clamp 10300 is needed for fixing. A levering fulcrum for improved access to the medical compartment of the knee. Mounts to accessory rail. Universal clamp 10300 is needed for fixing. Order no. 1000 12530 51. Total knee stabilizer 12585 Rotating, complete with antistatic pad. Universal clamp 10200 is needed for...

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Anesthesia screens and infusion rod Rail extensions 53. Accessory rail extension 19128 Adjustable height and angle. Made of stainless steel. Universal clamp 10300 is needed for fixing. Stainless steel, length 550 mm. Fits to both sides of the table. Suitable for all Merivaara operating tables with European standard siderails. 53. An extra wing is attached to the anaesthesia screen 111, one or two pcs. Order no. 1000 00116 54. Accessory rail extension 10355 58. Flexible anesthesia screen 11001 Malleable screen conforms to any shape desired. Universal clamps 10200 (2 pcs) are needed for...

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Accessories Clamps Bowls 61. Accessory Clamp 10200 Universal Ø 16 66. Bowl 6 l 201571 without drainage, 201572 with drainage. Stainless steel (6 l). Fixed to siderail with a clamp. Fits all Merivaara operating tables. Order no. 100 201571 or 100 201572 Accessory Clamp, Universal, ø 16 Universal model, fits all railtypes. Aluminium. Catch the ø 16 round pole in vertical or in horizontal direction and Eur-rail size flat bar in horizontal direction. 61. Bowl 6 l, for Promerix, Practico and Rapido without attachment Bowl without drainage 20501, bowl with drainage 20502 Accessory clamp 10301, Ø...

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Carbon fibre sections 71 71. Control devices for Promerix Hand control for Promerix Order no. 1000 60800 Hand control, wired 1000 60820 IR-hand control Suitable with: Promerix 72. Merimote Merimote™ is a multifunctional remote control for Merivaara’s Promerix operating table. With intuitive touch screen Merimote™ guides to get full advantage of the working environment and gives access to more advanced product support. Order no. A42682400 76. Carbon Fibre Back-/Leg Plate 60500 Promerix Carbon Fibre section can be used as a back rest or as a leg plate Length 950 mm ( = like...

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Accessories Table top sections for Promerix Gas spring assisted divided leg sections, length 680 mm 1000 30248 ENT-upper back section 1000 60325 (Head rest 18150) Gas spring assisted leg section, length 645 mm 1000 30147 Beach Chair Back Rest for shoulder arthroscopy 1000 60525 Gas spring assisted divided leg sections, length 880 mm 1000 60475 Seat section Powered divided leg sections, dual joint abduction, length 880 mm 1000 60480 Powered, divided leg sections, 4 section incl. solid pelvic plate, length 865 mm, 1000 60484 Table top sections for Practico Gas spring assisted divided leg...

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