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Operating table Promerix Old - 1

OPERATING ROOM Increased efficiency in all surgical procedures Electro-Hydraulic Operating Table

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Operating table Promerix Old - 2

Promerix operating table Promerix is an easy-to-use mobile operating table for all kind of surgeries, meeting the strictest demands of modern operating theatres. With its modular table top and comprehensive range of accessories, Promerix can b e configured for each surgical procedure and for all patient sizes in the best possible way. Promerix provides open access to the operated area and excellent working ergonomics for the surgical team without compromising on patient safety. The electro-hydraulic adjustments are controlled via user friendly hand controls, either wireless or wired, or...

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Operating table Promerix Old - 3

“ he new leg sections, just to name one of the features, have T really improved the overall working environment. The total solution makes everything more flexible and lets us do a better job for the patient,” – Pia Grönberg, scrub nurse at Borås Hospital outpatient surgery. Merivaara range of mobile operating tables Electro-mechanical Practico Manual

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Operating table Promerix Old - 4

Adjustable for your needs • Suitable for both general and special fields of surgery • Modular construction, detachable table top sections and reverse functions allows wide range of patient positioning • Electro-hydraulic adjustments • Ergonomic and easy to use • Mobile table with driving wheel (optional) and stable floor-lock system. • Safe working load (SWL) 325 kg, with sliding function 275 kg • Fulfils X-rays and C-arm requirements through its sliding function and table section material • Promerix operating table is compatible with Storz OR 1TM NEO (optional feature) More efficient...

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Operating table Promerix Old - 5

Pre-programmed positions Beach Chair Level (zero position) Available with sliding table top Longitudinal shift (410 mm) in sliding model (optional) enables easy access to the operated area for both the surgical team and the C-arm. Knee-chest device for spinal procedures Merivaara’s Knee-Chest device is designed for spinal procedures which needs meticulous and special care for patient positioning in genucubital position. This position helps relieve pressure on the abdomen and chest area.

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Operating table Promerix Old - 6

Divided leg sections, gas spring assisted, length 680 mm 1000 30248 Modular construction Leg section, gas spring assisted, length 645 mm 1000 30147 Divided leg section, gas spring assisted, length 880 mm 1000 60475 Divided leg sections, powered angle, mechanical dual joint abduction, length 880 mm, 1000 60480 Divided leg sections, 4 section incl. solid pelvic plate, length 865 mm, 1000 60484 Divided leg sections Several options available: • 4-sectional, powered leg sections with pelvic plate • Divided leg sections with powered angle adjustment and mechanical dual-joint abduction, left and...

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Operating table Promerix Old - 7

ENT- upper back section 1000 60325 Beach Chair Back Rest for shoulder arthroscopy 1000 60525 Seat section (Special head rest 1000 30126) Double articulated head rest 60142 Head Rest for kidney and thorax position 60147 (requires adapter 60146) Enhance the looks and durability with a stainless steel base cover Easy detachable table top • Simple construction • Unique latching mechaniscm • Available with an optional stainless steel base and castor cover. • Quick and easy to change table top configuration • Looks elegant • Efficient and ergonomic for the OR staff • Provides excellent protection...

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Operating table Promerix Old - 8

Multi-purpose table for all procedures Laparoscopic surgery Ophtalmic surgery, ENT-surgery ENT-surgery, struma position

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Operating table Promerix Old - 9

Lithotomy position (high) Laparoscopic surgery General surgery

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Operating table Promerix Old - 10

Multi-purpose table for all procedures Spine and disk surgery Lateral position

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Operating table Promerix Old - 11

Beach Chair position, shoulder arthroscopy Kidney and thorax surgery Laparoscopy surgery, MIS surgery Hand surgery Orthopedic surgery with extension device

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Operating table Promerix Old - 12

Modern features for patient safety and ease of use Merimote™ – a multifunctional remote control Clear and logical control devices • Intuitive touch screen, simple to use • Merimote touch-screen remote control (optional) NEW! • User-friendly, heuristic feedback • Hand control with cable • Unlimited number of positions can be memorised for future use • Gives access to advanced product support User friendly, logically-designed standard hand control units • Back light function • LED-diagnostic lights for: ·· Patient orientation ·· Table’s battery status ·· Floor Lock status ·· 5th wheel status...

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Operating table Promerix Old - 13

Maximal stability, also with sliding version • Promerix operating table is designed for heavy duty use with two column options: ·· B3 (bariatric, non-sliding) with max SWL of 325 kg ·· Sliding version with max SWL of 275 kg • Normal and reverse mode • Steady floor lock mechanism • Max lifting capacity 490 kg

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Operating table Promerix Old - 14

PC Software (for service and upgrades) • USB-connection to PC • Virtual hand set • Software upgrades • Setting the parameters • Setting the pre-programmed positions • Diagnostics Drive Wheel • Improved ergonomics in patient transport • Two-directional movements (forward and backward) • Stepless speed adjustment • Accessory rail attached joystick - freedom to operate • Can also be used as a normal 5th wheel Power supply • Battery operated table ·· Large battery capacity ·· Enough up to one week’s operations • Mains power use ·· Table can be used while charging batteries Base, Castors and...

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Operating table Promerix Old - 15

Technical Specifications Table top sections Table top width (without rails) Safe working load Maximum lifting capacity Floor clearance ADJUSTMENT RANGES Height Lateral tilt Reverse Trendelenburg Longitudinal shift (not in model B3) 410 mm Head section Back section Optional integrated kidney-body-elevator lower back rest Preset positions Customer specific programmable positions (M1, M2) Lateral tilt ± 25º, B3: ± 20º Flex 225º ADJUSTMENTS Height, flex, reflex, sliding Trendelenburg and lateral tilt leg and back section • UL 60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2, No 601.1-M90, R2001 • Promerix is classified...

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