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Surgical light Q-Flow - 1

OPERATING ROOM DAY SURGERY Let’s be clear about surgical lights.

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Surgical light Q-Flow - 2

Q-Flow™ colour rendering is excellent and the R9 value is the best in its class (R9 99). As well as all the superb features mentioned, Q-Flow™ has excellent illumination properties, providing a deep column of light - not forgetting green ambilite, delivering consistent light for seeing images and reading monitors. Designed and manufactured in Finland, the award-winning Q-Flow™ is the light of choice for any surgical team. Superior lights for superior surgery - the new Merivaara Q-Flow™ Merivaara Q-Flow™ is the intelligent solution for any operating theatre. The design is optimised for an...

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Surgical light Q-Flow - 3

Optimised for an OR’s air flow (Q-OptiFlowTM) Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOCTM) Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (IntueriTM) Excellent colour rendering Green ambilite Intuitive User Interface Deep column of light Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (Intueri™) Intuitive Sterile Surgeon Control (Intueri™) is Merivaara’s latest patent pending innovation, which allows the surgeon to adjust the light’s brightness and diameter without looking up. This provides a constant and clear vision for the surgeon. The interface will automatically appear around the operating area when the user grasps the...

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Surgical light Q-Flow - 4

Decreased microbial load at the operating area Design optimised for air flow (Q-OptiFlow™) Hospital associated infections (HAIs) are a highly recognized challenge in hospitals around the world. HAIs increase morbidity, mortality and length of hospital stay, adding to health care costs. More than 4 million patients in Europe and approximately 1.7 million in the US are affected annually. The prevalence of HAIs in Europe is around 7.1 %. One cause of contamination is uncontrolled air flow in operating theatres. Q-FlowTM is designed for an optimised air flow that allows ventilation to work...

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Surgical light Q-Flow - 5

Superb colour rendering The colour rendering of Q-FlowTM is outstanding. The R9 value is the best in its class R9 99, which means a perfect value of red rendering and therefore a better definition of tissues and blood vessels for the surgeon. The R13 value 99 is also excellent, which is particularly important for plastic surgery and accurate skin colour. Test Colours Used In Calculating CRI

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Surgical light Q-Flow - 6

Deep column of light & Green ambilite % Deep column of light decreases the need to adjust the light and thus improves efficiency in operating theatres. Depth of illumination L1+L2 at 60 % is 750 mm (Q-Flow 6) and 700 mm (Q-Flow 4). At 20 % the value is 1700 mm (Q-Flow 6) and 1400 mm (Q-Flow 4). Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™) Merivaara’s Dynamic Obstacle Compensation (DOC™) provides optimal light in all circumstances. If a light beam is temporarily obstructed, the intensity of the remaining beams will increase in compensation, maintaining ideal illumination in the surgical area....

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Surgical light Q-Flow - 7

Intuitive User Interface (UI) The intuitive user interface of Q-FlowTM helps the user to control the light and camera(s). Similar user interface is applied also in other control devices such as Merimote™ and the integration system OpenORTM, and is thus easy for the staff to adapt. Technical Specifications Q-FlowTM 4 Colour rendering index (Ra) Red colour rendering index (R9) “Skin colour” rendering index (R13) Turbulence intensity, DIN 1946 Variable colour temperatures Depth of illumination (L1 + L2) @ 60 % Depth of illumination (L1 + L2) @ 20 % Light field diameter Integrated...

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Surgical light Q-Flow - 8

Made in Finland with respect for our unique nature. FENNiAprize 17 GRAND PRIX The Fennia Prize is Finland's most notable design competition where companies and organizations are awarded for the exemplary use of design in their solutions. The status of the information, specifications and illustrations in this publication is indicated by the date of publication. Whilst the greatest care has been taken over its compilation, Merivaara Corp. is not responsible for any errors or omissions. Merivaara Corp. reserves the right to make changes to the technology features, specifications and design of...

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