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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 1

Thermal Value Excellence Excellence Melting Point Systems MP50 MP70 MP90 Automatic Melting Point Determination Simple, Efficient and Video-Recorded

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 2

Melting Point Determination Melting Point Determination Trustworthy, Automatic, Exact With the innovative METTLER TOLEDO melting point system, you are definitely on the safe side. You can determine the melting point or melting range very accurately. But the instruments can do a lot more: Investigate color changes, clear points and decomposition temperatures with video observation. Conformity with current standards Operation according to European and United States (USP) Pharmacopeias and the Japanese Industry Standard (JIS K0064) makes it easier to compare measurement values. The instrument...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 3

Performance at a glance: • One Click™ and superior ergonomics – quick to learn, easy to operate • Convenient playback of high resolution color videos – offers maximum security • Simultaneous measurement of up to 6 samples – increases productivity • Compliant to standards – ensures trustworthy results Temperature in °C Intensity curve from transmitted light video versus temperature. The three marked points are start of melting A, threshold value B (here 20%) and end of melting C. The melting point and its detection The melting point is a characteristic property of a substance. It is the...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 4

Determine the Melting Point with just One Click™ • One Click™ Melting Point • Fatigue-free Analyses • Easy to use One Click™ results Melting point determination has never been so easy! The color touch screen allows one finger intuitive operation, provides clear information for the user, and can be easily seen from a distance. Just One Click™ is all that is need­ ed to start the measurement – the instrument does the rest for you. While the measurement is being performed, you can attend to other important tasks. Superior ergonomics High priority was given to thoughtful instrument design to...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 5

When melting is completed, the instru- ment signals the end of the measurement with an acoustic tone and displays the measured temperatures. Simple determination of identity and purity A standard procedure used in the pharmaceutical industry to identify starting materials is the determination of melting temperatures. With the MP50 melting point system, you can test organic solids with a defined melting point up to a maximum temperature of 300 °C. The instrument provides a rapid and exact method for automatic, unat- tended melting point determination. Fill capillaries with the reference...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 6

High Quality Sample Observation Maximizes Sample Information • High resolution color videos • Comprehensive documentation Watch every single crystal melt High resolution color videos allow you to study melting effects even with substances that are colored or decompose. You can also detect thermochromic effects. With more than 6x zoom, one can obtain detailed information on the behavior of very small samples. This is of great value, especially of fine and specialty chemicals This melting point system satisfies the requirements of standard meth- ods that need visual observation. Easy to check...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 7

Secure characterization of precious substances In chemical synthesis laboratories, newly synthesized substances have to be quickly and accurately characterized. This is routinely done by determining the melting point. Nothing must be left to chance because the substances are usually only present in very small amounts and are therefore very precious. The magnified visual observation opens up new dimensions in sample analysis. The measurement is not lost if automatic evaluation did not determine a melting point due to the behavior of the substance or poor sample preparation. A correct value...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 8

Increased Efficiency Through Simultaneous Determination • Efficient measurement and documentation • Intelligent method management • Optimized handling Measure rapidly and economically You can achieve high throughput by simultaneously determining up to 6 samples in one run. One Click™ enables you to start quickly after sample preparation. Short heating and cooling times allow you to perform more analyses in the same amount of time. The storage of results as a PDF file or by exporting as an ASCII text file ensures data security. Flexible and adaptable methods Perform different measurement...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 9

High throughput analysis A quality control laboratory might have to determine the melting points of up to 25’000 samples in a year. In this case, the MP90 melting point instrument offers unique possibilities for saving time and money in the routine analysis of substances. Faster sample handling using the sample preparation tool, one click operation, and twice the usual number of samples measured simultaneously – these unique advantages offer a real and effective reduction in analysis time when compared with other instruments. The numerous possibilities for reporting results, whether on a...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 10

Model Overview Always the Right System for Your Requirements The METTLER TOLEDO product portfolio for melting point determination consists of three different systems. The table below illustrates the incremental difference between the models. MP50 – Simply to the point Everything you need for automatic melting point determination. • 4 samples can be measured in parallel • Gray scale display of up to 30 minutes of video • Replay on the instrument • 12 One Click™ Short Cuts • User identification • Optional IQ/OQ available MP70 – best choice for maximum flexibility Additional possibilities...

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Excellence Melting Point Systems - 11

Comparison Table Excellence Melting Point Systems Measurement principle Observation in reflection and transmission measurement Observation in reflection and transmission measurement Observation in reflection and transmission measurement Temperature range Heating rate Heating time to Tmax Cooling time to Tmax Capillaries number 5.7” VGA color touch screen 5.7” VGA color touch screen 5.7” VGA color touch screen Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Spanish Gray scale AVI Magnification 6x Video export One Clicks™ (Short Cuts) Substance database Number of permanently stored results Standards...

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