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Excellence Plus XP - 1

Excellence Balances Excellence Plus XP High-performance Micro and Analytical balances from METTLER TOLEDO Comprehensive Security Has no Alternative

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Excellence Plus XP - 2

We Understand Your Safety Concerns And We Have the Solution Three innovations provide comprehensive weighing security SmartSens SmartGrid SmartScreen METTLER TOLEDO is changing the world of analytical balances. SmartSens, SmartGrid and SmartScreen – three innovations ­ ombined in a c single balance – provide comprehensive weighing security. They provide m ­ aximum user protection, unparalleled measurement performance, full data ­ ecurity and seamless traceability. s The result is secure processes, higher speed and ­ower costs. l Excellence Plus XP: Improved performance with more securit

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Excellence Plus XP - 4

User Safety Hazardous Material, Valuable Substances? Weigh Them Safely with no Loss. SmartSens for hands-free draft shield operation Open sesame! Thanks to the SmartSens infrared sensors, you can weigh without touching the balance. Tare, open the door, close the door, weigh, print: Everything is done automatically with a wave of your hand. You can focus completely on the sample, and weigh valuable or toxic substances safely and without spilling. Excellence Plus XP with SmartSens: Keeping you as safe as your samples.

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Excellence Plus XP - 5

Height-adjustable inner draft shield: The smaller the weighing chamber, the l ­ess air turbulence and the faster you get stable ­esults. Samples can also r be acclimatised in a protected area on top of the inner draft-shield. Minimum risk of ­contamination, maximum protection for your sample: Each panel of the draft shield can be removed easily and is cleaned in a flash. SmartSens Allows weighing without touching the balance. With complete focus on the sample, valuable or toxic substances are weighed safely and without spilling.

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Excellence Plus XP - 6

Secure Sample Handling Assorted Tare Containers? Weigh Directly and Fast. SmartGrid is the key to high speed and secure sample handling SmartGrid, the unique grid weighing pan, successfully minimizes the effects of air turbulence in the weighing chamber. Stabilization times are dramatically shorter so you receive measuring results faster. Overfilling is easily avoidable and minimum weights are even smaller, which pays off when it comes to valuable substances. The ErgoClips allow you to securely fasten any type of tare container so that none of your sample is wasted. Excellence Plus XP with...

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Excellence Plus XP - 7

Distortion of the weight value due to statically charged tare containers is practically prevented by the Faradayshield effect of the grid basket. ErgoClips allow secure placement of volumetric and round-bottom flasks, glass and plastic test tubes as well as disposable weighing pans. But if anything ever does go wrong, SmartGrid ensures that spilled substances simply fall into the tray underneath. Spills will not falsify your weighing result and can simply be thrown away.

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Excellence Plus XP - 8

Data Security Secure Operation Guaranteed – for Smooth Processes and Flawless Data SmartScreen guarantees complete control SmartScreen is the brain behind the Excellence Plus XP. Multilingual and color-coded. Easy-to-use and self-explanatory. With touchscreen and profiles configured individually for up to eight users or jobs, SmartScreen saves time and helps prevent mistakes. Excellence Plus XP with SmartScreen: Extremely easy to operate. For the highest data security and full regulatory compliance.

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Excellence Plus XP - 9

Joanne Smith Steve Mill Steve Miller Joanne Smith Silvia Beneit David Brown )avid Browi More personalized in every way. Up to eight users can save their individual settings in their own languages, including color profile, and protect them against unauthorized access. Steve Miller Preconfigure up to eight jobs. With defined fault tolerances for each job and password protection. We have eliminated the danger of unwanted modifications. You can also change quickly from job to job, to avoid unproductive time. Clear documentation for perfect traceability. What is weighed, when, configured and...

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Excellence Plus XP - 10

Excellence Plus XP Analytical XP Analytical Balance – Synergies par Excellence Measurement certainty, user safety and data ­ ecurity combined with s high-speed and maximum operating convenience. Communication is everything. Menu guidance, input and output in seven languages: German English French Spanish Italian Russian Japanese

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Excellence Plus XP - 11

Flexible interfaces. Equipped as standard with a sealed RS232 interface and a slot for a second, optional interface: • Bluetooth • Ethernet • LocalCan • RS232 • PS/2 • USB (with USB Convertor cable) 30% smaller sample sizes. Repeatability is increased by 30% thanks to the integrated temperature control system (ITC). Spills contained. Spilled substances are caught by the tray underneath the weighing pan and are easy to dispose of. Completely protected. Thanks to the fastening of the grid weighing pan at the rear of the weighing chamber, the two adjustment weights are completely protected...

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Excellence Plus XP - 12

Excellence Plus XP Micro XP Micro Balance – for the Smallest ­ ample Quantities S World-leading measurement performance: 52 g x 1µg Minimum sample weight according to USP as low as 2.1mg Direct-dosing of small samples into large tare containers No sample transfer means no loss of valuable substances When it comes to weighing small samples, we leave nothing to chance. Our XP56 micro balance, offering a world-leading capacity of 52 g with 1µg readability, allows minimum sample weights according to USP as low as 2.1mg – for maximum yield of your substances and substantial cost savings....

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Excellence Plus XP - 13

ErgoClip Basket micro and ErgoClip Flask micro For secure positioning of various reagent test tubes and measuring flasks. The ErgoClips can be turned to any angle on either side making it easier to dose directly into narrow container openings. MinWeigh Door micro makes it possible to dose without opening the interior windbreak. Weighing directly in the required container via a narrow opening enables stable results to be achieved in the least possible time.

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