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The First Class Choice For Valuable Samples


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The First Class Choice    For Valuable Samples - 1

Excellence Micro Balances The First Class Choice For Valuable Samples Reliable results With a readability of 0.1 μg and an unparalleled capacity of 6 g the Ultra Micro Balance sets new standards for weighing down to a tenth of a microgram. Save costs Excellent repeatability helps to reduce sample weights and the short stabilization time of only 8 seconds maximizes sample throughput. All in all METTLER TOLEDO Micro Balances cut your costs significantly. Easy operation With its clearly structured and customizable color touchscreen and SmartSens infrared sensors for hands-free operation, the terminal ensures simple, fast and error-free use. XP6U / XP2U Ultra Micro Balance and XP6 Micro Balance Ensure maximum sample yield for valuable substances Keeping sample weights as small as possible means tremendous cost savings when handling precious, degradable or toxic substances. METTLER TOLEDO XP6U / XP2U and XP6 offer unsurpassed accuracy up to a tenth of a microgram. Even sample sizes below 1mg still meet strict process tolerances as well as comply with international regulatory standards. The XP6U / XP2U and XP6 Micro Balances offer: • Optimum measurement performance in seconds • Comprehensive QM-functions that help to fulfil regulatory requirements • Intuitive and easy operation Audits passed easily Inbuilt safety features such as password protection and minimum weight control make the XP6U / XP2U and XP6 the ideal instrument for regulated environments. METTLER TOLEDO XP6U / XP2U Micro Balance and XP6 Ultra Micro Balance are designed to boost efficiency and reliability as well as support network compatibil

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XP6U / XP2U / XP6 Micro Balances Predestined for excellence Standard Equipment • ProFACT: fully automatic time- and temperature-­controlled i ­nternal adjustment and linearization • Easy to clean, motor-driven draft shield • SmartSens: two IR sensors for hands-free operation • In-built RS232C, two auxiliary interfaces for connecting a k ­ eyboard or additional IR sensor for hands-free operation • Slot for a second optional interface such as LocalCAN, Ethernet, RS232, USB, MiniMettler, ­Bluetooth, PS/2 Coloured touchscreen display • 7 different pre-programmed applications • 8 configurable...

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