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FiveEasy Bench Instruments - 1

FiveEasy™ Bench Instruments FiveEasy Plus™ FiveEasy™ pH mV / ORP Conductivity TDS Salinity

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FiveEasy Bench Instruments - 2

Introducing the FiveEasyTM Series Keeping pH Measurements Simple Intuitive Solutions for Your Lab Time is an ever more valuable asset. Thanks to the Five's intuitive operation, sleek design and simple data export functions, you can maximize your time spent measuring instead of dealing with complex system and measurement setups. Ideally suited for applications in the laboratory, the new FiveEasy and FiveEasy Plus benchtop instruments provide high quality pH/mV or conductivity measurements with the simple click of a button. Compact in design, and featuring various data export opportunities,...

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FiveEasy Bench Instruments - 3

Food & Beverage The New FiveEasyTM Series pH and conductivity measurements made easy, wherever your lab is situated.

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FiveEasy Bench Instruments - 4

Technical Specifications I A Look Inside Specified for Your Measurements The well-priced pH/mV and conductivity FiveEasy and FiveEasy Plus benchtop meters are the perfect choice for a wide range of laboratory applications. Technical Specifications Specifications

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FiveEasy Bench Instruments - 5

Food & Beverage Optimally designed for work on bench surfaces in a wide range of workplaces, including laboratories in academia.

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FiveEasy Bench Instruments - 6

A Complete Overview Solutions Suited for Your Needs Different combinations of FiveEasy and FiveEasy Plus meters, sensors and accessories are available. These kits are ideally suited for specific applications and samples. _J

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FiveEasy Bench Instruments - 7

Sensors & Applications Type * No cable is included, a selection of cables is available for connection to various instruments, e.g. Red S7-BNC, 1.0 m (Order no. 59902392) for METTLER TOLEDO, Hanna etc. More cable information is available at For more information and documetns on the new FiveEasy (Plus) meters, kits, and accessories, visit:

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FiveEasy Bench Instruments - 8

More Meters and Accessories FiveGo™ Portable meters with IP67 protection and data memory to measure pH, conductivity or dissolved oxygen: Buffers and Solutions Learn more about our portfolio of certified buffers and solutions: SevenCompact™ Universal quality benchtop meters for reliable pH and conductivity measurements: For more information Subject to technical changes © 11/2015 Mettler-Toledo AG, 30279225 GlobalMarCom Switzerland /

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