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The MS Balance Line Performance you can trust Reassuringly easy to use Trusted Results at Your Fingertips Worry-free Weighing

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Trusted Results – Comfortable Operation Trusted Results at Your Fingertips Worry-free Weighing In today's high pressure research and manufacturing environments, having the right equipment is key to achieving quality and efficiency. With customers demanding short lead times and reliable delivery dates, you need a balance you can trust to deliver accurate results - and which is convenient and reassuringly easy to use. METTLER TOLEDO's MS balances fit the bill. These robust balances incorporate advanced security features so that you know you can trust your results. User guidance, an intuitive...

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Instruments reduced to the max ensure that everyone in the Inprocess Lab can weigh productively without worries. Erwin W. Studer Co-Owner, profact AG, Manufacturing Consultants Switzerland "Today, advanced companies run lean laboratories which are focused on delivering results in the most efficient way in terms of cost, speed and quality. Every device should support this goal." With trusted performance and comfortable operation, MS balances fulfill your lean laboratory needs.

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MS Balance Line - 4

MS Precision – Small Platform Small Precision Balances Engineered for Reliable Performance The robust construction of the MS small platform precision balances makes them perfect for heavier tasks in the laboratory or out on the factory floor. The unique MonoBloc weighing cell delivers the accuracy you need and is fully protected against accidental overload. Delivering consistently reliable results, even in harsh environments, these balances will also deliver a fast return on your investment. Proven weighing cell delivers reliable results Improved stability means faster results Our renowned...

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MS Balance Line - 5

The green screen clearly indicates that the result is within your pre-defined tolerances – this instant confirmation means applications such as check-weighing are much faster with fewer errors. Metal housing ensures long balance lifetime The full die-cast aluminium housing not only protects the weighing cell from environmental influences and impacts, it is also resistant to harsh chemicals, including acetone.

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MS Balance Line - 6

MS Precision – Small Platform Small Precision Balances Designed for Easy Operation The built-in applications on MS balances provide you with straightforward user guidance, so you have the comfort of knowing that tasks are carried out correctly. Warning features, such as LevelControl and MinWeigh, give you a higher level of confidence in your results. The extra-large touchscreen display is simple to operate, even whilst wearing gloves, and, with digits up to 18 mm in size, your results are clear to read. And when weighing tasks are complete, cleaning-up is easy thanks to the smooth,...

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The large draft shield protects the balance from air currents – ideal for delicate applications, such as determining the weight of coatings by differential weighing. Personalized user profiles provide security and ease of use • Operate the balance in your own language • Save time with built-in applications • Use passcodes to protect balance settings

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MS Balance Line - 8

MS Precision – Large Platform Large Precision Balances Tough Performers Built to Last Accommodating loads up to 32 kg, MS large platform precision balances are built to take on your toughest jobs. The MonoBloc weighing cell, Ingress Protection rating IP65 and extreme overload protection ensure you get reliable results in even the most challenging industrial environments. The large weighing platform is ideally suited to applications involving large containers, large sample sizes or when many ingredients need to be added to the same container. Easy-clean surfaces mean taking care of your...

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MS Balance Line - 9

The large weighing platform is really convenient for totalization tasks with larger quantities of ingredients. Clever design details support your daily tasks For example, the groove in the top of the weighing pan allows cylindrical samples to be placed directly on the balance without the need for an extra container.

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MS Balance Line - 10

Technical Specifications MS-TS Precision Balances, with Draft Shield MS-TS Precision Balances

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MS-TS Precision Balances 1 mg, with draft shield Maximum capacity Repeatability (at nominal load) Settling time* Minimum sample weight* (acc. to USP) Minimum sample weight* (U=1 %, k=2) MS-TS Precision Balances Maximum capacity (fine range/full range) Readability, full range Readability, fine range Repeatability (at nominal load) Settling time* Minimum sample weight* (acc. to USP) Minimum sample weight* (U=1 %, k=2) Maximum capacity Maximum capacity (approved version) Readability (approved version) Repeatability (at nominal load) Settling time* Minimum sample weight* (acc. to USP) Minimum...

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MS Balance Line - 12

Analytical Balances Trusted Performance The built-in security features on MS analytical balances ensure results are always valid. Operators receive a warning if any problems are encountered or tolerances are not adhered to. Corrective actions can be taken immediately, avoiding costly reworking later. LevelControl, MinWeigh and automatic internal adjustment with proFACT support compliance with regulations. The ISOLog function maintains a record of all weighing relevant changes to the balance's settings. For additional security, settings can be passcode protected. Built-in function simplifies...

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MS Balance Line - 13

To ensure consistently accurate weighing results, the performance of your balance should be tested at regular intervals. We offer two simple solutions to help you ensure your testing is always done correctly and on time: Our GWP® Verification service provides you with a detailed testing schedule according to your weighing risk and includes which tests, the test frequency and the correct weights to use. ► With everything you need in one easy-clean box, our CarePac® weight sets ensure full compliance with GWP®

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Analytical Balances Comfortable Operation Using the built-in applications, simple instructions guide you through your weighing tasks. You can rest assured that your process tolerances are adhered to and your results meet the relevant regulations. The risk of human error is greatly reduced. Simplify your weighing tasks even further by connecting your balance with external devices: barcode reader, wireless printer, auxiliary display and more, and enjoy worry-free weighing! Optimized display makes daily tasks easier Easy-cleaning features save time and effort The 7" extra-large color TFT...

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