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SevenExcellence™ - 1

SevenExcellence™ pH, ISFET Conductivity ORP/Redox Ion Concentration Dissolved Oxygen Excel in the Lab with SevenExcellence™ Unmatched pH Performa

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SevenExcellence™ - 2

Simple Operation Improved Lab Work from the Start Intuitive and Clear The operation of SevenExcellence™ is so intuitive that it can be immediately deployed without requiring long periods of user familiarization. Starting an analysis, changing the settings and accessing the results is easily achieved thanks to the cleverly-devised touch screen menu operation. The large clear color display and the state-of-the-art touch screen operation make working with this instrument particularly enjoyable. The instrument’s operation has been designed to support your workflow in the lab. The instrument...

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SevenExcellence™ - 3

Perfect ergonomics and high productivity with uPlace™ Direct measurements – tried and trusted uPlace™: the electrode arm with perfect vertical movement can be operated using one hand only. This allows for faster measurements and poses less risk of the sample vessel tipping over and damaging the sensor! Discovery of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) has made amplification of DNA sequences a simple and convenient standard technique. In all life science industries, pH plays a crucial role when making buffers or culture media. This instrument encompasses a second possibility to start a...

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SevenExcellence™ - 4

Sustainable Value Flexibility in all Respects Versatile and Manifold SevenExcellence™ offers flexibility on all levels, ranging from the number of measurement parameters to the choice of a vast collection of peripheral devices. The instrument's interfaces allow you to connect peripherals simultaneously, supporting your workflow in the best possible way. Through methods and direct measurement, the instrument provides two completely different types of analyses and supporting the workflow of users with different preferences and needs. Methods are especially suitable for analyses that require...

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SevenExcellence™ - 5

Free choice with the number of parameters Useful magnetic stirrer SevenExcellence allows for measurements of 1, 2 or 3 parameters simultaneously, either in the same or different samples. With multi-channel measurements the temperature signal from one module can be used for all others to ensure identical temperature readings! The discovery of the protective coating technique has increased the lifetime of products, because it protects the core ma­erial from t exposure to outside elements. The correct pH value of the final product helps maxi­ mize the protective effect of the coating. The...

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SevenExcellence™ - 6

Safe Results Extensive Security Functions Innovative and Reliable SevenExcellence™ comes with security functions that support your workflow during all phases of the calibration, measurement data collection and archiving processes. Its ingenious package makes the instrument suitable for routine tasks as well as professional measurements under stringent GLP conditions. The instrument’s focus on workflow is also reflected in its security package. Mistakes are minimized to an absolute minimum by using methods, through the professional user management and the sophisticated calibration support....

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SevenExcellence™ - 7

A wealth of GLP support – leave nothing to coincidence Radio controlled clock – no doubt about date and time The instrument comes with a package of GLP support functions, such as PIN protection, GLP printout format with all GLP relevant information and monitoring of measurement limits. Results in memory and printout are marked accordingly if they are outside the predefined limits. The invention and subsequent rapid de­ e­ v lopment of electronics has enhanced flexibility and performance in all areas of daily life. To ensure the quality of the ultra-pure water utilized during the production...

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SevenExcellence™ - 8

Solid Compliance Supporting Compliance Requirements Elaborate and Tailored This instrument has been designed to help you meet the most stringent compliance requirements. SevenExcellence™ offers the ideal combination of innovative properties integrated within the instrument, appropriate documentation and services. METTLER TOLEDO also offers professional installation, qualification and calibration services. These services do not only guarantee accurate and precise measurements but also leave your mind worry-free when it comes to possible compliance issues during quality audits. Sophisticated...

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SevenExcellence™ - 9

Medicine has become much more secure through the discovery of tablets, as they allow administration of the right drug dose in the right intervals. To comply with internal and international regulations, checking the pH value of drugs is crucial. Comprehensive services Service Solutions Service products and solutions constitute sustainable contribution to cost savings and satisfying regulatory demands. Professionally executed installation and qualification as well as regularly performed maintenance and calibration ensure error- and carefree instrument operation. Moreover, our qualification...

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SevenExcellence™ - 10

Seamless Processes Efficient Workflow Support Contemporary and Convenient SevenExcellence™ has been designed with the objective of optimizing the workflow and making work in the laboratory more efficient. Just one click is needed to start a sample or a series of measurements or an analysis series with an optional autosampler. Once setup, data archiving is a standard procedure that will take place automatically following each analysis. With SevenExcellence the complete cycle from data entry to data archiving is kept as simple as possible. On its own, the instrument offers great...

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SevenExcellence™ - 11

Automatic data transfer with LabX® direct Export of results to a USB stick The LabX direct pH PC software allows for easy and efficient export of results during analysis. The transfer settings for this software need to be activated only once in the instrument and will work automa­ically with plugt and-play. In liquid chromatography reliable results are only given if the pH value of the mobile phase lies within a defined range. To guarantee a seamless process when preparing the eluent, a quick and precise pH mea­ surement is key. Users who wish to document results have an alternative to...

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