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XP Precision Balances - 1

Excellence Plus XP Precision balances from METTLER TOLEDO Full Compliance High Productivity Amazing Solutions That’s the weigh!

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XP Precision Balances - 2

Innovation addresses customer needs Your wishes? Our solution. As the world's leading manufacturer of laboratory balances, our goal is to make weighing easier with innovative solutions that focus on your needs. Because, in our opinion, technical progress is only true innovation if it gives our customers measurable benefits. Many applications Our balances are used in numerous industries and environments, including pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, research, quality assurance and production, for a multitude of applications. So, to ensure we address this diversity of needs, we talked to...

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XP Precision Balances - 3

Regulated area Production environment “In our pharmaceutical company, we work according to GLP/GMP, USP and internal work instructions. Authorities and customers regularly perform audits to verify conformity with these quality guidelines. Balances are some of the most important measuring instruments we use, and they have to comply 100% with these regulations. Because the security of our measurement values is vital for our success.” “We print textiles with different patterns which are based on specific mixtures of dye. Because of our high daily production rate, the speed of our balances is...

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XP Precision Balances - 4

SmartScreen, the color display with touchscreen operation Touchscreen display for intuitive, easy operation Clear user guidance with color for maximum security 8 individually configurable user profiles in 7 languages Easy operation Balances are among the most commonly used instruments in the lab. So it’s vital that they are easy to operate. With the Excellence Plus XP precision balance METTLER TOLEDO brings color into the world of weighing – for optimum userfriendliness and security. Work smarter SmartScreen, the unique color display with touchscreen operation, leads the way. Whether...

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XP Precision Balances - 5

brings color into the lab - for more security thanks to clear user guidance. user profiles in the user's language give him the certainty of working with "his" balance - and always with the correct settings. Ralf Sommer Julie Evans Celine Dubois

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XP Precision Balances - 6

Excellence Plus XP for maximum security Full compliance “My XP balance gives me security. The QM tools are very practical and help me to implement our quality guidelines in my daily work.” proFACT and BalanceCheck for utmost measurement certainty LevelControl guarantees correct leveling at all times User management and password protection for 8 users Change /adjustment history makes settings and adjustments traceable The XP warns if it is not correctly leveled, and also immediately indicates the easiest way to restore it to a level state. Reports compliant with Gx P and other quality...

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XP Precision Balances - 7

CuJJt^ Control L-ibcrxtorv ft-IBS frtt* HlZ?H reports can be configured easily. Who changed which settings when? This information is detailed in the ChangeHistory - fully traceable of User management Eight users, individual settings, specific applications, different each user's access rights - for total security. Password protection alphanumeric password - protection. Users' individual ^ against unwanted changes. If desired, BalanceCheck automati- cally prompts you to validate the measuring accuracy with an external weight - every time the SOP

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XP Precision Balances - 8

Excellence Plus XP for utmost productivity Productivity pays “It’s marvelous how fast I can work with my XP and thanks to MinWeigh never make a mistake when mixing the dyes. That cuts out waste and reduces downtime on our printing machines, so we save money.” Céline Dubois, France Cutting-edge weighing technology for fast, precise results Process security thanks to MinWeigh The XP warns if the minimum weight is not reached. With red figures and the symbol in the display. Repeatable production processes with MinWeigh Rugged construction for use in harsh environments equivalent to IP54 Easy...

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XP Precision Balances - 9

Sealed interfaces, screw-in power cable. Keep water and dust out - Once level, always level - thanks to the stabilizing safety feet which are easy to lower Outstanding measure- ment performance A separate processor brings the maximum speed, and thanks to overload protection even heavy loads cannot Always readable 20 mm high, brightly backlit figures - selectable at a touch Clear user guidance prevents mistakes. Fast and certain dye mixing thanks to clear guidance in m'l'.TTTU ITPU

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XP Precision Balances - 10

Excellence Plus XP for tailored solutions System integration One balance, many solutions The weighing platform of the XP precision balance is also available separately. Compact, robust and with outstanding weighing performance, it is ideal for system integration. “My XP is just great! The hands-free operation makes weighing toxic substances easier and safer. And I’ve placed my wireless printer outside the laminar-flow bench so my printouts don’t get contaminated.” Ralf Sommer, Germany Short of space ? Infrared sensors for hands-free operation Freely placeable, adjustable-slope operating...

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XP Precision Balances - 11

ErgoSens Freely placeable, individually configurable – for hands-free operation of the XP from a distance. The illuminated green symbol shows that ErgoSens is activated and set to “Print”. Bluetooth printer Thanks to wireless connection to the balance, the printer can be placed outside the laminar flow bench so that printouts are not contaminated. SmartSens Brief movement of a hand over one of the sensors is all it needs: the programmed command is executed immediately. Without touching. Different functions can be individually programmed right and left for up to 8 users – smart work !...

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XP Precision Balances - 12

Excellence Plus XP for tailored solutions Connection guaranteed “LabX, the intelligent software solution for 21 CFR Part 11.” Julie Evans “Wireless at last – brilliant!” Ralf Sommer “It’s ideal how it connects to our network.” Céline Dubois Data management with LabX The “LabX balance” PC-based software can control up to 30 instruments in a network and manage their data in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. With the XP, it’s even possible to log in directly from the balance terminal. RS232C interface built-in as standard Optional second interface (7 types available) Bluetooth for wireless...

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