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Excellence Level XPR Precision Balances Accurate analytical results Flexible solutions Easy compliance XPR Precision Balance Solutions Go Beyond Weighing

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XPR Precision Balances - 2

There is No Compromise to Get it Right First Time Weighing is just one step in your workflow, but it’s a critical one. A small mistake in a weight value can become magnified in the subsequent steps of your analyses. Getting weighing right first time is the key to your success, and efficient weighing processes enable you to focus on your analyses and get to what’s important. Excellence XPR precision balances go beyond accurate weighing with flexible solutions to support you with data management, traceability and regulatory compliance. Accurate analytical results Easy compliance XPR balances...

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XPR Precision Balances - 3

Accurate weighing results are essential to the success of your analyses. XPR balances integrate seamlessly into your processes so that weighing is fast and efficient, and you can focus on your main tasks.

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XPR Precision Balances - 4

Accurate Analytical Results Outstanding Performance in Any Environment When you’re under pressure to deliver the outcome of your analyses, XPR Precision balances provide you with fast and accurate weighing results, even under the toughest conditions. The innovative SmartPan™ weighing pan minimizes the effects of air currents on the weighing cell to dramatically improve stabilization time and repeatability. Our high capacity 1 mg readability balances streamline processes by enabling you to weigh large and small samples on the same balance. Fast and accurate results Fewer process steps A...

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XPR Precision Balances - 5

White paper: learn more about working in a fume cupboard without a draft shield. 5

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XPR Precision Balances - 6

Flexible Solutions Meeting Your Process Needs Today and Tomorrow Weighing your sample is often just the first of many steps in your analysis. However, business demands for high sample throughput mean increased pressure to complete weighing tasks as quickly as possible. XPR’s flexible solutions support you to weigh efficiently without compromising on accuracy. For example, the intuitive touchscreen interface streamlines balance operation by providing fast access to menus and tasks as well as enabling you to set up task shortcuts and use multiple fingers to type in data. It’s even operable...

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XPR Precision Balances - 7

Checklist: get valuable tips and tricks to ensure successful precision weighing. 7

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XPR Precision Balances - 8

Easy Compliance Quality Assurance Features Help Ensure Data Integrity Industry standards demand traceable and compliant results, and it can be stressful ensuring that you have done everything correctly. You not only want your data to be correct in the first place, but you also need it to stand up to scrutiny later. With a complete set of innovative quality assurance functions, XPR balances take the worry out of ensuring compliance. Simply set up the functions according to your individual requirements and you can rest assured that your results will always be valid. Connect to LabX software...

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XPR Precision Balances - 9

White paper: learn about the unknown sources of error in weighing and how to avoid them. 9

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XPR Precision Balances - 10

METTLER TOLEDO Service Three Steps to Consistently Accurate Results As a key step in your workflow, accurate weighing is essential to ensure you deliver quality products in a cost-effective manner. In accordance with our globally recognized Good Weighing Practice™ (GWP®), METTLER TOLEDO’s Sales and Service team can help you achieve accurate and reliable weighing results in three simple steps. Moreover, our expertise means you can enjoy top weighing performance, maximum uptime and full compliance with the norms and standards relevant to your industry, all the while maintaining budget...

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XPR Precision Balances - 11

Tips and tricks: 11 reasons to adopt a proactive maintenance approach. 11

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XPR Precision Balances - 12

Small Details. Big Difference. Accessories and Features METTLER TOLEDO balances can be customized with accessories and peripheral devices to meet the needs of virtually any application. Our carefully designed accessories make your work easier, reduce fatigue and increase accuracy and productivity. Small details. Big difference. View our range of over 200 accessories online. Barcode reader Protective covers The P-50 family of printers generate fast, high-quality printouts on paper, continuous label and individual labels with IDs and barcodes. Read in sample and user IDs quickly and without...

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XPR Precision Balances - 13

Efficient Operation Features Outstanding Performance • Max capacity from 200 g to 64 kg • Readability from 0.1 mg to 1 g • High performance models from 2 kg (0.1 mg) to 64 kg (5 mg) • SmartPan and LevelMatic weighing pans Quality Assurance • GWP Approved built-in quality assurance monitoring • Customizable tolerance profiles • MinWeigh warning function • Adjustment and routine test history • Balance ready StatusLight™ • LevelControl: level warning with graphical leveling guide • Temperature and time programmable automatic adjustment (proFACT) • User Management, individual profiles password...

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XPR Precision Balances - 14

XPR Precision S-Platform Readability 0.1 mg XPR Precision S-Platform Readability 1 mg XPR Precision Balances Technical Specifications

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XPR Precision Balances - 15

SmartPan models SmartPan weighing pans minimize the effects of air drafts on the weighing cell significantly improving stability and measurement accuracy. LevelMatic models 3 The LevelMatic weighing pan minimizes corner load effects enabling you to weigh with an extreme level of accuracy. Draft shield W12 Oversized draft shield W x D x H (inside): 300 mm x 450 mm x 450 mm 1 Typical value 4 Supplied with a large W12 draft shield and the LevelMatic weighing pan

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XPR Precision Balances - 16

XPR Precision S-Platform Readability 5 mg / 10 mg XPR Precision Balances Technical Specifications XPR Precision S-Platform Readability 0.1 g

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XPR Precision Balances - 17

SmartPan models SmartPan weighing pans minimize the effects of air drafts on the weighing cell significantly improving stability and measurement accuracy.

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XPR Precision Balances - 18

XPR Precision L-Platform Readability 1 mg / 5 mg 769 mm XPR Precision Balances Technical Specifications XPR Precision L-Platform Readability 10 mg 360 mm XPR Precision L-Platform Readability 0.1 g / 1 g

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