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Flow Sensor preVent® flow sensor and DirectConnect™ metabolic flow sensor preVent flow sensor englarged to show detail PREVENT FLOW SENSOR DIRECTCONNECT™ METABOLIC FLOW SENSOR The preVent flow sensor is small, durable and lightweight while providing simple and accurate testing results. The flow sensor’s proprietary design saves time between patients and provides maximum infection control while meeting or exceeding ATS/ERS standards and specifications. The DirectConnect metabolic flow sensor directly measures gas exchange without the need for correction factors, complicated connections, isolation valves or additional FIO2 sample lines. The DirectConnect flow sensor is the first metabolic assessment interface to allow direct measurement of a patient’s metabolism without compensating for, diverting or turning off (or down) bias flow. ˚ Eliminates warm-up or recalibration when changed between patients. ˚ Simple snap-in setup contains no moving parts or electronics for cost effective testing. Options to use with a filter, sterilize or can be discarded. early and improved ˚ Simple set-up allows forof ventilator patients. nutritional management ventilation breath ˚ Patient’s minuteclose to theis measured on aof the by breath basis patient (instead exhalation port of the ventilator) and before the bias flow of the ventilator to eliminate the sample from being diluted so measurement accuracy is maximized. BIDIRECTIONAL PITOT TUBE

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MGC Diagnostics’ supplies are the only recommended supplies for use with MGC Diagnostics’ equipment to achieve accurate, validated test results that meet ATS and ERS standards. MGC Diagnostics’ flow sensors can be used alone or with a variety of other MGC Diagnostics’ supplies including: ® ˚ preVent and preVent II™ pulmonary function filters face mask ˚ preVentmouthpieces Patient ˚ Complete testing circuit (mouthpiece, filter and flow sensor) ˚ ® preVent flow sensor attached to umbilical COMPARATIVE FEATURES Easy cleaning TESTING DirectConnect metabolic flow sensor attached to umbilical Used...

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