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CCM Express Indirect Calorimeter The CCM Express indirect calorimeter brings advanced technology to the clinician and dietitian in hospitals and private practice. Testing can be accomplished in the most demanding ventilator environment, including bias ow, pressure support, and elevated or uctuating fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2). Patients breathing spontaneously will benet from comfortable testing options, such as the face tent and face mask. The built-in computer with touchscreen operation, oxygen and carbon dioxide sensors, and breath-by-breath analysis make indirect calorimetry with the CCM Express rapid and simple—while providing highly accurate resting energy expenditure (REE) and substrate utilization data. TRUE METABOLIC ASSESSMENT ˚ Measurements can be obtained with breath-by-breath analysis or user-dened averaging. oxygen ˚ Gas sensors measure bothtested onand carbon dioxide. or uctuating FiO . be elevated (above 60%) ˚ Ventilator patients canby ventilator pressure support/pressure control and System is unaffected ˚ bias ow. 2 ˚ Windowing function excludes non–steady-state data resulting from patient disturbances or test initiation.

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COMPACT DESIGN and compact for easy transport ˚ Small monitor display, immediate text and graphical results ˚ Crispstorage in onboard database for printing at any time ˚ Data TOUCHSCREEN ON-SCREEN OPERATION keyboard ˚ Full-function “virtual”software to guide operator through icon-based ˚ Intuitiveprocedures testing ˚ Multilingual reports and software CCM EXPRESS REPORTS ˚ Choice of ready-to-print precongured reports: report • Available reports include summary metabolic with respiratory quotient, energy expenditure, substrate utilization, predicteds and breath-by-breath graphics. • Tabular...

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