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CPFS/D USB™ Spirometer When you need full-function spirometry and space is at a premium, the CPFS/D USB spirometer is a most fitting solution. This small, portable system may look unassuming, but it’s powered by the versatile BreezeSuiteTM cardiorespiratory diagnostic software, so you can be sure it will do more than meet your testing and data management needs. Because it’s designed to work with MGC Diagnostics’ proprietary preVent® flow sensor, it provides superior infection control and needs no recalibration or warm-up between patients. Unlike our competitors, we incorporate the same measurement technique (preVent) for all of our pulmonary function testing products—so you can always be assured of accurate, reliable data comparisons from test to test. The CPFS/D USB spirometer is compatible with desktop and laptop computers for maximum flexibility, and it meets or exceeds ATS/ERS standards and specifications. Amid all these capabilities, it even manages to provide some little extras, such as incentive graphs for spirometry, which are ideal for pediatric populations. One little box. Myriad capabilities. All powered through a single USB connection.

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TEST PERFORMED Pre/post FVC, SVC, MVV and challenge (with optional bronchial provocation software) MEASUREMENT PRINCIPLE PREDICTED NORMALS The cardiorespiratory diagnostic software contains over 30 authors, the most extensive list of predicted formulas available, including NHANES III and Global Lung Initiative (GLI 2012). DATABASE Patient data are stored in Microsoft SQL database, providing the flexibility to access, manipulate and report data in multiple ways. INTERPRETATION Optional pulmonary consult interpretation software allows for an immediate computerized assessment of testing...

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