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Sleepvirtual PSG Sleep Diagnostic Systems The BWII PSG is one of the most intuitive sleep acquisition devices in the market. Lightweight and designed to t into a small briefcase, the system can be used as a portable unit in several locations or installed bedside in a lab environment for maximum exibility. The BWIII PSG is a state-of-the-art 50 channel system that allows for EEG testing during the day and PSG testing during the night - all on a single software platform. The BWIII supports staff focus with easy-to-identify and easy-toconnect inputs. Live trended data for apneas and hypopneas, AHI, study duration, awake time, sleeping time, sleep efciency, etc. Ideal integration with shared hardware and userinterface Built-in Nonin® Oximeter with a 1 second sampling rate “On-the-y” re-reference ability HIPAA and AASM* hardware and software compliant and ˚ All inputs on the easy-to-understandthe amplier intuitive headbox are duplicated on ® ˚ Built-in Nonin sampling rate Oximeter with a 1 second Impedance ˚ Bedsideon the ampliCheck with LED indicators directly er ˚ HIPAA and AASM* hardware and software compliant

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TOTAL CHANNELS The Sleepvirtual BW Analysis software is a highly intuitive and easy-to-use PSG software, which combines the hardware and user-interface for an ideal adaptable solution. From setting up and acquiring a sleep test to reading and performing an exam - everything is easy with all icons displayed on a single screen. The remote review and remote control options facilitate ease-of-use. HIPAA COMPLIANT The BW Analysis PSG is a complete software that offers control and protection against unwanted access to patient data with an extra layer of security for each PSG study conducted in...

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