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CELBIC - Catalog - 2

Introducing CELBIC CELBIC is a Single Use Bioreactor with a unique mixing algorithm and a real-time, in-situ monitor for biomedical material production: a great system for antibody and protein/cell treatment production. CELBIC is applicable for various bio-process researches as well as industrial biomedical material production. CELBIC monitors and analyzes various matters during bioprocessing and adjusts its conditions for optimum proliferation. CELBIC 25 & CELBIC 100

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CELBIC - Catalog - 3

CELBIC 1000 Orbital Rocker & Controller

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CELBIC - Catalog - 4

Orbital Motion of CELBIC

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CELBIC - Catalog - 7

Components of CELBIC 12” Touch Screen Disposable Bag Position Peristaltic Pumps CELBIC comes with 2 peristaltic pumps by default, and up to 2 more can be added as an option for a total of 4 peristaltic pumps. Bag Housing Holds the 3-D Culture Bags in place during rocking or orbital mixing. Orbital Rocker

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CELBIC - Catalog - 8

Components of CELBIC Monitor Setting Menu for inputting the parameter settings of the measurement and calibration of optical sensors Menu for manual control of the sensors, MFC and pumps Real-time line graph can be seen on this menu for temperature, pH and DO. Menu for monitoring all the necessary factors such as pH, DO saturation, temperature or mixing RPM for cell cultivation. Menu for setting the RPM, angle and mode of mixing (Orbital or Rocking)

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CELBIC - Catalog - 9

System Dimension and Weight Model Stainless Steel, ABS, Aluminum Stainless Steel, ABS, Aluminum Stainless Steel, ABS, Aluminum AISI 304 Stainless Steel & ABS AISI 304 Stainless Steel & ABS

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CELBIC - Catalog - 10

System Dimension and Weight Model CELBIC 25/50/100 Controller AISI 304 Stainless Steel CELBIC 200/1000 Controller (Including MFC Box) Electric Transformer (For CELBIC 200 and 1000)

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CELBIC - Catalog - 11

Facility & Utility Requirements Power Electric Transformer Inlet Pressure Connection Hose Coupling Operative Environment Ambient Temperature Relative Humidity Range

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CELBIC - Catalog - 12

Process Control Temperature Module Heating Only Electrical Heating Plates Temperature Control Heating Capacity Flow Rates Accuracy Over Temperature Protection Gassing Module Control box MFC (MFC BOX) 4-Gas Mix (O2, N2, CO2, Air) with Headspace Outlet Maximum 70℃ (Bi-metal Interrupted Heating)

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CELBIC - Catalog - 13

Process Control Model Temperature Range Display Resolution Saturation Range Load Cells Recalibration Function Display Resolution Recalibration Function Sensor & Measurement Display Resolution Load Cells Weight Range Accuracy Balance Substrate External Signal Input Pump Module Internal Pumps Control Range (Fixed Speed)

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CELBIC - Catalog - 14

Communication & Technical Data Model Communication Industrial Ethernet Maximum Total Volume (L) Free Orbital Rocking Rate (R / Min) Technical Data Free Orbital Rocking Angle ( º ) Sensor Clamps for Secure Fixation of Glass Fiber Cables Filter Heater Color Touch Screen Safety Measurement & Shut-off Measurement Data Storage

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CELBIC - Catalog - 15

Certifications & Patents CELBIC SUB System Patent CE EU-Type Examination Certificate

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CELBIC - Catalog - 16

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