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DecalMATE Automatic fixation and decalcification system for bone tissues

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Need good results? Start with good preparation. DecalMATE is a new tool to enable histotechs to “tailor” thei fixation/decalcification process to the specific characteristics of their bone tissue specimens. For the first, time automatic protocols for fixation/decalcification of bone tissues are available to the modern laboratory for improved diagnostic quality and consistency of results plus faster turn-around time. The operator is guided by the intuitive, user-friendly software on the touch screen control terminal. The unit consists of a resistance heated, temperature controlled process...

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Optimize, standardize, automate and document your decalcification protocols Vented reagent cabinet Tanks for: • Fixation • Decalcification • Water rinsing Exhaust Fixation/decalcification cavity with cover Work board Working area with acid resistant coating 2 USB ports for full documentation 7” Touch screen terminal OPTIMIZED MOLECULAR STUDIES AUTOMATIC PROCESS FLOW RAPID TURNAROUND TIME HIGH PROCESS FLEXIBILITY FULL DOCUMENT

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This is decalcification the way it should be All major parameters influencing these all important pre-analytical steps can be controlled, optimized, automated and documented. TEMPERATURE Fixation and decalcification temperature can be set between 20-55°C for optimization of the process. MAGNETIC STIRRING (AGITATION) The calcium ions that have been removed can saturate the solution around the specimen. Continuous stirring assures a consistent flow of fresh decalcifier onto the bone surface, accelerating the decalcification process: (Bone) Ca++ REAGENTS All product surfaces involved in the...

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SPEEDING UP DECALCIFICATION WITH EDTA For faster decalcification time, the process with EDTA is best carried out at a pH value of 7.2-7.4. Milestone has developed an innovative, pure EDTA solution, based on a stoichiometric mixture of bibasic and tribasic EDTA to reach this pH value without the addition of an acid/base buffer. The combination of increased temperature, stirring and the MoL-DECALCIFIER, during the decalcificacion phase allows fixation, decalcification and processing of bone marrows within 48 hours. Fixation Total Time DecalMATE protocols for bone marrows (Ø 1.8mm) Optimized...

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DecalMATE unique features HIGH FLEXIBILITY Possibility to use different decalcification reagents: - Strong mineral acids - Weak organic adics - Chelating agents Possibility to use different racks. Possibility to use dufferent fixation/decalcification temperatures. SAFE Closed fixation/decalcification cavity with safety switches. Safety switches: shield open, cavity open. FAST 24 hours turn around time for bone marrow. Up to 30 standard cassettes can be fixed/decalcified simultaneously. FULL DOCUMENTATION USB port enables both updating of software and downloading of event logs. Technical...

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