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FixSTATION 1RH Optimization, standardization and documentation of the fixation step

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NEED GOOD RESULTS? START WITH GOOD PREPARATION CONTROL OF FIXATION Accurate control of all steps of the preanalytical process is a prerequisite for precise, reliable and consistent diagnostic assays. Recent publications1 have evidenced that standardization and documentation of the all important fixation step will lead to improved I.H.C. assays. TODAY’S FIXATION Leaving the specimens in a plastic container with formalin overnight does not fulfill the requirements for controlled fixation. No standardization, no documentation. How many hours/minutes is overnight? After how many cassettes is...

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FixSTATION 1RH. AUTOMATIC TISSUE FIXATION SYSTEM Full compliance to ASCO/CAP guideline recommendations for HER2, ER testing2 Formalin filling inlet Protection cover Steel wire mesh filter Automatic stirring Touch screen terminal (4.3”) Formalin exit drain WHAT SETS US APART? THE UNIQUE COMBINATION OF FULLY PROGRAMMABLE TIME/TEMPERATURE FIXATION PROTOCOLS COMBINED WITH REAGENT FILTERING FEATURES. Suitable for racks of Milestone and racks from other manufacturers. Suitable for all kinds of fixation reagents. Temperature range: up to 55 °C (131 °F). Time for pre-soaking: up to 99 hours 59...

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SIMPLICITY AT BEST. ICON DRIVEN SOFTWARE 30 May 17 Reagent management. Type of reagent. Life of reagent. Reagents Reagents Reagents Reagents Reagents Settings Settings Help Help # Cassettes # Cassettes Pre-soaking Time Reagents Reagents Pre-soaking Time Pre-soaking Time Fixation Time Fixation Time Fixation Time Fix. Temperature Fix. Temperature Fix. Temperature Run will end at Run will end at Run will end at Run ID Phase Run ID Run ID Phase Phase Service Service Screen Saver Screen Screen Saver Saver Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes Minutes 5302017 Fixation 5302017 5302017 Fixation...

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EASY OPERATION 1 Place rack in the unit and enter fixation protocol. 2 After completion of run extract filtering cage from tank. The solution is filtered and residues are trapped in the steel wire mesh filter. 3 Eliminate excess reagent by placing filtering cage on the built-in front hinges. SAFE HANDLING 4 Place rack in transfer tray. For safe handling a cover is placed on the tray. 5 Transfer the now clean rack to tissue processor. Skip processor fixation step and process specimens in a shorter time. FLOATER AND CONTAMINANT CONTROL 6 Rinse filter cage over a suitable sink to remove all...

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HIGH FLEXIBILITY SUITABLE FOR ALL TYPE OF RACKS The FixSTATION 1RH will accept Milestone racks from the PATHOS and LOGOS family as well as racks from the most common conventional tissue processor of other manufacturers. FULL DOCUMENTATION With the FixSTATION 1RH, documentation of every factor influencing the fixation process is stored in a log book for easy retrieval. Fixation protocols can be transferred to a USB stick and then printed for Quality Assurance and Compliance regulations. Full compliance to ASCO/CAP recommendations for HER2, ER testing2. Length of fixation time Type of fixative...

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