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Standardized and documented pre-analytical protocols for enhanced tissue banking procedures

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NEED GOOD RESULTS? START WITH A GOOD PREPARATION THE PROBLEM Human biospecimens have been collected and stored for over 100 years, and today, more than of 300 million biospecimens are warehoused in freezers or stored in other formats such as paraffin-embedded tissue blocks1. However, over the past decade or so it has become clear that the great majority of biospecimens stored in the world’s biorepositories may not be suited for the state-of-the-art genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and other bioanalytical technologies used today to search for cancer-related biomarkers. The...

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STANDARDIZED AND INTUITIVE OPERATIONS... FLASH FREEZING OF RANDOM CRYOVIALS 4 Set the metal plate in the tank. Place the metal cover on top of the fluid tank. 2 Place the biospecimen inside the properly identified cryovial. 5 Close the cover and start the timer. After the set time (approximately 120 seconds), reverse the procedure. 8 A metal plate is placed on top. simultaneously frozen. sieve-type holder and immerse it in the fluid tank. 6 Frozen biospecimens are stored in the 12 position cryovial storage holder. (optional) FLASH FREEZING OF MICROTITER PLATES The rack holder accepts...

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...MAKE EVERYONE AN EXPERT FREEZING OF CRYOMOLDSTM* allows to carry out standardized flash freezing. 4 Position each cryomold in and place the specimens in each cryomold. 5 Place the slide-in holder on top of the tank. The fluid inside the set level tank freezes only the mold without contaminating the specimen. 3 Fill the cryomold with the 6 After the freezing time has expired, take out the slide-in holder. FlashFREEZE has been designed, tested, and manufactured to operate without using isopentane or similar extremely toxic and dangerous fluids. 7 Slide the cryomolds from position holder....

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FlashFREEZE Catalog - 5

WHAT SETS FlashFREEZE APART ? The unique combination of a non-toxic heat transfer fluid with a state-of-the-art Stirling cooling device at -80°C allows standardized and documented flash freezing protocols.

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FlashFREEZE Catalog - 6

DEFROST FEATURE To eliminate the potential formation of ice on the freezing platform, a manual defrost cycle is provided. It consists of a heater embedded in the freezing platform and a vacuum pump to extract water vapors from the chamber. Vapors are condensed and collected in a cold-trap placed in the front of the unit for easy handling. A HEPA filter is provided on the exhaust side of the pump. The integrated software can set the defrost cycle to take place during off-hours and can set the cooling cycle to restart at a preset time to ensure the availability for the first case of the day....

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