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Milestone’s innovative line of grossing devices Simplify, standardize and document grossing procedures Reduce turnaround time Improve diagnostic quality According to asco/CAP* recommendations for HER-2, ER, EgR testing

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Grossing Catalog - 2

Standa How to: • Speed up • Simplify • Standardize • Document grossing procedures ProCUT Slicing Devices (International Patent Pending) Eliminate the need for gross hardening, overnight pre-fixation, and cooling/freezing of specimens prior to sampling. Easily dissect fresh tissues. • • • • Eliminate guesswork and consistently slice large fresh and fixed tissues Standardize grossing procedure independent of operator Accelerate fixation procedures by having standard tissue thicknesses Reduce total turnaround time of biospecimens Slicing fresh breast tissues in accordance with recommendations...

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Grossing Catalog - 3

ardization and documentation of the gross ProCUT P 5 Typical application: slicing of whole prostate at 5 mm intervals. • Reliable comparison studies M.R.I./ histological results are now possible. • The ProCUT P 5 consists of a grooved steel/propylene base and 2 steel domes which will accommodate specimens with a width of 40-60mm and a length of 130mm. ProCUT XL 5 Typical application: slicing of a wide variety of specimens (e.g. breast, kidney, lungs, heart, etc.) at preset thicknesses. • The complete kit consists of a grooved base and 4 steel domes which will accommodate specimens of 60,...

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Grossing Catalog - 4

sing step ProCUT 5 Typical application: slicing of specimen at 5 mm intervals and a length of 70 mm. CutMATE Forceps The innovative forceps for grossing at 2, 3, 4 mm thickness • Eliminate the guesswork in cutting specific block thicknesses • Standardize blocks taking • Take serial tissue blocks in one simple step (e.g. lymph nodes) Hold specimen in forceps and make first cut. Cut other side of the central fork to obtain a pre-set thickness specimen. Separate specimen to be processed. Place specimen in cassette. Grossing lymph nodes at 2 mm thickness

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Grossing Catalog - 5

Problem: tissue processors protocols are based on thickness of specimens Solution: CheckLITE Non-contact, laser-based, thickness measuring device • An objective reference in the grossing procedure • Improved productivity while reducing stress of operator at time of grossing • Reduce the need for reprocessing and improve processing quality by ensuring that thicknesses of all specimens fit selected protocols Green light Specimen is at the preset thickness or below. Sample is above preset thickness and must be re-cut or set aside for a more appropriate processing protocol. CheckLITE unique...

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Grossing Catalog - 6

Spacers for SuperMega Cassettes** Place specimen in SuperMega cassettes Place spacer on top of specimen Close cover. Specimen will remain firmly in place during processing Ideal for whole mount prostate specimens • • • • Ensure distortion-free and consistently high quality tissue processing. Spacers can be reused following a de-waxing procedure. Suitable for use in microwave and conventional tissue processors. Available in 2, 3, 5mm thicknesses to fit your requirements MacroPATH D Macro digital imaging system Rapidly capture, annotate, and store gross specimen images for: Use in the final...

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