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Embedding Workstation with biospecimens traceability

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HistoDream EW - EMBEDDING WORKSTATION - MAIN FEATURES 5 liters of molten paraffin Programmable heating Reservoir & conduits always heated, ready for urgent operations Dispenser compatible with Mega and SuperMega cassette. Up to 300 cassette Milestone racks and any standard rack Two built in paraffin trimmers Membrane keys Programmable heating including non working holidays Extra touch screen with bar code reader for case traceability

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HistoDream embedding station catalog - 3

Capability of up to 400 molds Programmable heating Space suitable for Mega and SuperMega cassette HistoDream CM - COLD EMBEDDING MODULE - FEATURES: • Large cooling surface • Selectable temperature • Steady temperature distribution over the entire surface. • Stand-alone operation possible. • Can be placed either on the right or the left side of the dispensing console. Temperature from 0° up to -12° Celsius Space of 60 standard or 45 Synergy molds Environmental safe refrigerant (R134a)

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HistoDream EW - EMBEDDING WORKSTATION - INCLUDES: • HistoDream Dispensing Module • HistoDream Thermal Module • HistoDream Cold Embedding Module* This module can operate also independent ENHANCE THE SPECIMENS TRACEABILITY WITH VISUAL REPORTING SPECIMENS GROSSING MacroPATH PROCESSING LOGOS / PATHOS Delta Optionals • HistoDream PC: Tracking system terminal, including Viewer Software and 2D bar code reader. • Magnifying glass. • Heated tweezers 1 mm, 2mm, 4mm. Technical Specifictions • Total Dimensions: 102 cm X 64,1 cm X 40,5 cm (WxDXH). MILESTONE Srl Via Fatebenefratelli, 1/5 24010 Sorisole...

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