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HistosMATE Wax Cleaning System


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HistosMATE Wax Cleaning System - 2

NO MORE MANUAL CLEANING OF WAX CONTAMINATED ITEMS Cleaning of wax contaminated items is a tedious and time-consuming task for any laboratory. In most cases, toxic reagents (xylene) will be used for this. HistosMATE offers an innovative, safe and rapid solution for the efficient cleaning of wax contaminated racks, molds, forceps and tweezers. I SIMPLE AND AUTOMATIC The cleaning process with HistosMATE is as simple as one click. The operator only has to press "START" and the cleaning process begins. The smart software does it all for you: an acoustic signal marks the end of the cycle and a...

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HistosMATE Wax Cleaning System - 3

MileGREEN is a solvent consisting of iso-paraffins that replaces xylene and can be used to clean paraffin contaminated items. MileGREEN is an almost odorless, non-carcinogenic solvent and has the properties to solve fat and paraffi n. Its formulation of low toxicity overcomes the drawbacks commonly associated with xylene, a hazardous substance for the human nervous system. I TIME AND COST SAVINGS The HistosMATE impacts on the overall lab process, as it reduces reagents consumption and improves tissue processing productivity, avoiding the need to use the processor for cleaning. Non-stop...

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HistosMATE Wax Cleaning System - 4

USE HISTOSMATE WITH MILEGREEN AND ENHANCE TISSUE PROCESSOR CAPABILITIES The HistosMATE allows for fast and automatic removal of wax residues from all racks of Milestone tissue processor line. MileGREEN solution replaces xylene for both the cleaning and mounting step, and also for clearing in tissue processing. When heated, it becomes highly effective in the extraction of lipids from biological tissue. MileGREEN also provides optimal preservation of fat cells structure, as well as nuclear and cytoplasmic morphology. Fully Automated Innovative Tissue Processor The First All-In-One Hybrid...

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