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High Throughput Lean Tissue Processor

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The tissue processor you always wished for.

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Envision a tissue processor that: • • • • • • • • • Reduces specimen turnaround time Is flexible enough to optimize any workflow Delivers outstanding quality Reduces operating costs Safe by design Xylene-free processing Allows for auto-embedding Delivers the utmost reliability and uptime Fully automated continuous throughput (dual run) Your vision is now a reality: MAGNUS. The Game Changer for the lab of the future. • Up to 5-6 runs per shift for small biopsies • Up to 600 cassettes at full capacity with dual run (random baskets) • Continuous operation, no downtime even for daily...

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ENGINEERED FOR ENHANCED THROUGHPUT AND FLEXIBILITY Incomparable flexibility for processing any tissue throughout the day or overnight. MAGNUS1 is designed to accommodate all types of histological specimens and workloads. Histotechs can process urgent and small biopsies, on demand, thanks to its double retorts and automatic arm configuration. These small biopsies, which can account for 45-75% of the total volume of a modern histopathology lab, are rapidly processed to eliminate peaks in the workload. The rapid processing time with MAGNUS allows for the slides to be available for the...

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ENGINEERED FOR HIGH QUALITY AND CONSISTENCY OF PROCESSING Rapid processing protocols have been validated to guarantee optimal specimen morphological and molecular preservation. MAGNUS fulfills all CAP/ASCO guidelines for assessing Her2, ER and PgR testing in breast tissues. MAGNUS allows for the use of any type of fixative as well as state of the art formalin fixation. Progesterone receptor Estrogen receptor Best quality for all tissue types, including supermega cassettes and whole mount processing ENGINEERED FOR COST SAVING The elimination of Xylene and clearing solvents has a great impact...

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ENGINEERED FOR PATIENT SAFETY BY ERROR-PROOF OPERATION MAGNUS’ standard protocols are based on using Ethanol and Isopropanol alcohols for operation as a xylene-free, open system. Dedicated reagents, such as Milestone’s propriety MileONE and MileTWO, can also be used to enhance the quality of fatty tissues with rapid processing. For ease of operation, MAGNUS can operate with standard 5 liter or 1 gallon commercial containers, reducing decanting and reagent replacement time for a greatly shortened daily maintenance downtime. Optional barcode scanning capability eliminates reagent replacement...

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ENGINEERED FOR AUTO-EMBEDDING MAGNUS can Achieve auto-embedding as part of the processing protocols, thanks to the unique patented technology of Synergy (European Patent 2 439 510). The specially designed rack has a leverage system that allows the molds+cassettes to sit in two positions according to the phase of processing. During the fixation and reagent steps, the molds are angled, so the fluids can flow in and out without retention. At the end of wax impregnation (as soon as the rack is lifted) the molds go flat, collecting the necessary paraffin to embed the tissue. Synergy Step by Step...

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MAGNUS BRINGS LEAN OPERATION TO YOUR LAB Enclosed cabinet with charcoal fume filters Dual robotic arm for continuous loading Independent loading retort Auxiliary wax reservoir (optional) Intuitive icon user interface Reagent quality sensor Sliding drawer allows quick replacement of 1 Gall or 5 Liter reagent containers Easy access for wax replacement Color coded status alerts Alarm notification User action required MILESTONE Srl Via Fatebenefratelli, 1/5 24010 Sorisole (BG) - Italy Tel: +39 035 4128264 Fax: +39 035 575498 email: MILESTONE MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES,...

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