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PRESTO PRO Catalog - 1

CONTINUOUS LOADING! Innovative processor/stainer for frozen sections of permanent-like quality

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PRESTO PRO Catalog - 2

THE PRESTO TECHNOLOGY: PRESTO PRO The goal of frozen sections permanent-like quality can be achieved by combining the advanced cryoembedding technology of the Presto CHILL unit, with the performance of the PRESTO PRO automatic processor/stainer. Presto CHILL Your cryostat Automated slide’s processing/staining From fresh biospecimens to six stained frozen sections of permanent-like quality in less than 10 minutes. Frozen Sections | PRESTO PRO

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PRESTO PRO Catalog - 3

THE FINAL STEP TOWARDS FROZEN SECTIONS OF PERMANENT-LIKE QUALITY Conventional frozen sections provide a short turnaround time of 15-20 minutes, but with the disadvantage of a lower diagnostic quality with respect to paraffin sections due to cryoembedding artifacts and the variability of staining protocols. One of the main reasons for their lower quality, versus a FFPE section, is that frozen sections are only stained while FFPE sections are first processed (fixation + dehydration + clearing) and subsequently stained. It is now possible to produce frozen sections with a permanent-like...

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PRESTO PRO Catalog - 4

THE UNIQUE PROCESSING/STAINING SETUP OF THE PRESTO PRO 4 Acetic acid rinsing Ethanol rinsing Source water rinsing Ethanol rinsing Hematoxylin staining Isopropanol (Xylene substitute) Preheated (37°C) FineFix solution for the simultaneous specimen fixation, dehydration and clearing. FineFix is a formalin-free, ethanol-based (70%) solution, ideal for histological applications and molecular studies. SIMPLE. INTUITIVE OPERATION MAKES EVERYONE AN EXPERT Position the slide rack over the FineFIX processing vessel. Press START. After 2’17” in high quality mode (in 3’51” in ultra-quality mode) six...

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PRESTO PRO Catalog - 5

NEW FEATURE: PRESTO PRO WITH CONTINUOUS LOADING A new feature to increase throughput for high volume frozen sections labs. Simply install a double arm to the PRESTO PRO carousel and the unit is ready for operation. Loading of a new rack can start every 1’45”. Select “Continuous Loading”. Load first rack in FineFIX container. After 1’45” load the second rack in the FineFIX container. CHECK FOR BEST OPERATING PROCEDURES FOR SPECIAL APPLICATIONS After 2’17” the first rack is ready for coverslipping. After 4’ from the start of the first rack, the second rack is ready for coverslipping. FULLY...

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PRESTO PRO Catalog - 6

EASILY OPERATED The operator can easily set protocols to fit lab’s requirements. User-friendly intuitive software. BIBLIOGRAPHY ON PRESTO TECHNOLOGY • “Next Generation Frozen.” Gerhard Seitz. Dept of Pathology – Klinikum Bamberg. • “Cryoembedder, automatic processor/stainer, liquid nitrogen freezing and manual staining for frozen section examination.” “A comparative study.” Renne SL et al. Dept of Pathology – fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milan, Italy. • “Comparación del sistema PrestoCHILL™ frente al de congelación en criostato, en el estudio de la biopsia renal.” M....

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