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Presto CHILL The game changer in cryoembedding for frozen sections of permanent-like quality

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THE PRESTO TECHNOLOGY: PrestoCHILL The goal of frozen sections permanent-like quality can be achieved by combining the advanced cryoembedding technology of the Presto CHILL unit, with the performance of the PRESTO PRO automatic processor/stainer. Presto CHILL Your cryostat Automated slide’s processing/staining From fresh biospecimens to six stained frozen sections of permanent-like quality in less than 10 minutes. Frozen Sections | Presto CHILL

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PrestoCHILL Catalog - 3

NEED GOOD RESULTS? START WITH A GOOD PREPARATION The optimal frozen section begins with an evenly and completely frozen tissue block in which, the block face to be sectioned is flat and includes a complete, full faced section of the tissue submitted. The section should be free of ice crystal artifacts, knife lines and/ or tears. The speed and simplicity of Presto CHILL’s operations revolutionize the rapid freezing process, keeping the microscopic appearance of tissues “true-to-life”. Presto CHILL - Benchtop cryoembedding station TIME TO REDEFINE FROZEN SECTIONS Reduce freezing time to 60...

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PrestoCHILL Catalog - 4

Presto CHILL. THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS HIGH-QUALITY FROZEN SECTIONS Heat extractors 6 removable aluminum molds with a diameter of 25-30 mm. (Other sizes and shapes are available) Chuck freezing area Touch screen terminal (4.3“) USB port for full documentation Cool trap for the defrost step THIS IS HOW CRYOEMBEDDING SHOULD BE NO FREEZING ARTIFACTS 60 SECOND FREEZING TIME AN ALL-DRY SYSTEM FULL DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENTATION NO LIQUID NITROGEN NO CO2 - NO ISOPENTANE NO CRYOSTAT’S FREEZING Frozen Sections | Presto CHIL

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PrestoCHILL Catalog - 5

SIMPLE. INTUITIVE OPERATIONS Place a drop of cryoembedding compound on the tip of the spatula. Transfer the specimen to the bottom of the mold. Add the cryo-embedding compound to fill the mold. Place the chuck into the mold. Add the extractor and close the cover. Start the timer. After 60 seconds... ... A frozen block with a perfectly “flat plane” surface is ready for cutting. WHAT SETS US APART ? THE UNIQUE COMBINATION OF THE PATENTED* FACE-DOWN EMBEDDING TECHNIQUE, TOGETHER WITH A STATE-OF-THE-ART, RAPID STIRLING COOLING DEVICE AT -40°C. Frozen Sections | Presto CHI

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PrestoCHILL Catalog - 6

FROZEN SECTIONS OF PERMANENT-LIKE QUALITY OF FATTY TISSUES. This is a frozen section of human breast obtained in 13 minutes or less! Breast and fatty tissues in general are some of the most difficult tissues to process as frozen sections. With the Presto CHILL, Milestone has developed a breakthrough freezing technology, which combined with the patented “face down embedding” technique and with dedicated protocols for automatic processing and staining of frozen sections, offers an innovative and rapid solution to this challenge. THE MILESTONE’S BREAKTHROUGH CRYOEMBEDDING FOR FATTY TISSUES....

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PrestoCHILL Catalog - 7

CRYOEMBEDDING OF DELICATE TISSUES - SMALL FRAGMENTS/MOHS SURGERY During the practice of frozen section pathology, pathologists often encounter the task of embedding tissues that are extremely delicate because of the nature of their consistence and structure. This is a situation that occurs daily during Mohs surgery, in which the technologist handles delicate slivers of skin with the goal of accurately embedding these tissues to completely visualize the epidermis and its margin. The Presto CHILL paper embedding technique offers a safe and rapid solution to these problems. **The Art of...

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PrestoCHILL Catalog - 8

ACCESSORIES FOR EASIER OPERATION MCC an optimized cryoembedding compound Lens paper disks for easy mounting MCC is a proprietary formulation of glycols and resins specifically developed for optimal support during cryotomy of dissected tissues down to -40°C. Being water soluble, MCC doesn’t leave Lens paper disks are an excellent support for freezing residue on the slides, eliminating small fragments or delicated specimens making the non specific background staining. diffucult task simple and rapid. Available in 3 sizes Additionally, MCC will not dull microtome knives. Molds to fit every...

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