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IMG DG_02111.ARW e' possibile provare a mettere un qr sullo sfondo? SAVE TIME WITH AUTOMATIC TRACKING Automatic Rack Scanner

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THREE-IN-ONE: SCAN, CHECK AND TRACK Manual cassette scanning is a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task, as operators need to manually scan the cassettes one by one, to track the steps of the histological process. R-Tracker patented technology (EP 3557218 B1) removes this manual scanning of all the rack's cassettes through the complete automation of this process. SIMPLE AND AUTOMATIC The intuitive and user-friendly software enables the tracking specimens data with just one click. Through a unique and innovative technology, R-Tracker automatically scans all the cassettes present in...

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TIME SAVING In today's laboratory routine, operators have to deal with several tasks and are often under considerable time pressure. Manual cassette scanning is a time-consuming step, that absorbs valuable operator time. The R-Tracker is designed to enhance the efficiency of the laboratory and to optimize its workflow. HIGHER EFFICIENCY TIME SAVING OVER MANUAL SCANNING SAVED EVERY YEAR MANUAL SCANNING vs R-TRACKER Comparison of the operator time in hours on one year basis (equivalent to 300.000 specimens, 1000 cassettes/day). SIMPLE AND AUTOMATIC ACCURATE DOCUMENTATION 95% OF TIME SAVING...

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AVAILABLE MODELS R-Tracker is available in two different configurations. With built-in PC and monitor COMPATIBLE UNITS R-Tracker fits the cassettes' racks from all Milestone tissue processors. PATHOS DELTA Fully Automated Innovative Tissue Processor First All-In-One Hybrid Tissue Processor Lean High-Throughput Tissue Processor Fully Automatic Tissue Processor Milestone is a company headquartered in Northern Italy and was founded in 1988 as a corporation specializing in advanced microwave instrumentation for analytical and organic chemistry labs. As the technology leader in preanalytical...

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