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RoseSTATION Catalog - 1

World’s First MOBILE FNA WORKSTATION All-in-one, mobile workstation for Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) of FNA cytology

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RoseSTATION Catalog - 2

ALL-IN-ONE, MOBILE FNA WORKSTATION, EQUIPPED TO SOLVE ALL POTENTIAL ON-SITE PROBLEMS Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) is a service that the cytopathology laboratory provides for patients and their physicians. The advantages of immediate on-site evaluation include assurance of fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy adequacy, the ability to triage the specimen, shorten the length of the procedure, help guide and direct the biopsy in real time, and overall assist in managing the patient’s procedure with the performing clinician at the point of care. ROSE service for FNA biopsy is a time-limited...

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RoseSTATION Catalog - 3

RoseSTATION ALL-IN-ONE, MOBILE WORKSTATION FOR RAPID ON-SITE EVALUATION OF FNA CYTOLOGY The first workstation specifically developed for highly professional, standardized, ROSE procedures. Hilar lymph node of Lung adenocarcinoma Full operational on-site

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RoseSTATION Catalog - 4

THE RoseSTATION UNIQUE FEATURES Easy dismantling of microscope for transfer to and from laboratory Preformed foam support to hold microscope during transfer Safe transfer whenever required Two large volume drawers to store items needed for the procedure 1. Brackets for Olympus CX23 microscope 2. Strap for holding your own microscope On board UPS Universal Power Supply All-in-one All items needed are always available to the operator to assure rapid turnaround time. Mobile Always ready to go. Just disconnect power and drive to new location. Self supporting UPS power supply allows operation of...

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