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SKIP THE MANUAL EMBEDDING STEP Synergy Rapid Tissue Processing and Auto-embedding All-in-one

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EASIER WORKFLOW AND SHORTER TURNAROUND THE CONVENTIONAL EMBEDDING PROCEDURE Embedding represents one of the most critical bottlenecks in the histology workflow. This time-consuming procedure is carried out manually after the tissue processing step. The technician embeds surgical specimens and biopsies one by one, ensuring the correct positioning which is often a cumbersome task. This procedure requires experienced technicians with good manual skills, to obtain optimal conditions for the cutting step. THE INNOVATIVE SYNERGY TECHNOLOGY Synergy technology is a patented, innovative method to...

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THE 3 EASY STEPS OF THE SYNERGY CASSETTE ASSEMBLY Place the specimen in the plastic mold and cover it with the special sponge pad. Clip the standard cassette as a cover of the mold. Place the assembled mold in the Synergy rack slot. Load the rack in the Milestone tissue processor. FROM AUTO-EMBEDDING TO THE CUTTING STEP At the end of the automatic tissue processing and embedding steps, slide out the cassettes from the rack and place them on a cold plate. The easy opening of the mold enables a quick release of the specimen for cutting. With the Synergy method, trimming time is reduced. No...

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HOW THE SYNERGY TECHNOLOGY WORKS The innovative Synergy technology allows to perform simultaneously processing plus embedding. The unique design of the rack enables to move the mold+cassette to two positions: one for the tissue processing and one for the embedding step. Through a leverage system, the ring placed at the bottom of the processor retort moves the mold+cassette from angled for the processing step (1), to horizontal for the embedding step (2). During the fixation and through all other reagent steps, the molds in the rack are placed at an angled position. This allows free...

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COMPATIBLE UNITS The Synergy technology for processing plus autoembedding in one step fits all Milestone's rapid tissue processors. PATHOS DELTA Lean High-Throughput Tissue Processor The First All-In-One Hybrid Tissue Processor Fully Automated Innovative Tissue Processor A Fully Automatic System to Fit Your Workflow THE SYNERGY PACKAGE » Synergy Rack » Synergy dedicated consumables: • 1360 Molds (standard size 2x3cm and biopsy size 1,5x1,5cm) • 1400 Pads • Synergy Wax (optional) Milestone is a company headquartered in Northern Italy and was founded in 1988 as a corporation specializing in...

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