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Automated Formalin Dispensing System for Biospecimens

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Envision an innovative, automatic system that: • • • • • Eliminates formalin exposure for personnel in the OR and pathology labs Guarantees full biospecimen safety and traceability Allows perioperative nurses and pathologists to optimize their workflow Standardizes the formalin volume/specimen weight ratio Certifies the time to fixation for a reliable, preanalytical step, diagnosis Your vision is now a reality: UltraSAFE The Game Changer for Formalin Control • • • • • Automatic formalin dispensing according to biospecimen weight Easy and fast operation. I.e. 1 L of fixative dispensed in 20...

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The Innovative Solution for a Formalin-Free OR and Lab Environment

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OUR COMMON GOAL: ZERO FORMALIN EXPOSURE The Problem In 2006, formaldehyde was declared Carcinogenic and Mutagenic to humans by I.A.R.C. (International Agency for Research on Cancer). In today’s labs, formaldehyde is the standard fixative for collecting and storing biospecimens for pathological examinations and diagnoses. Operators, from operating rooms to pathology departments, risk high levels of exposure to formaldehyde fumes. Therefore, hospital and clinic safety departments are required to adopt precautions DANGER FORMALDEHYDE MAY CAUSE CANCER CAUSES SKIN, EYE, AND RESPIRATORY...

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UltraSAFE: SAFE AND EASY OPERATION Full Documentation for Enhanced Traceability In the OR, surgical biospecimens are placed in an empty bucket The operator places the lid, with the unique sealing valve, on the bucket The bucket is scanned for identification and tracking purposes The operator places the bucket in the work chamber and... ...presses the“Start” icon on the touchscreen The bucket is automatically centered and the weight of the biospecimen is detected The automatic filling system is lowered and the dispensing nozzle penetrates the seal valve Formalin is added until the preset...

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UltraSAFE: STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY FOR EASY, SAFE OPERATION Fully enclosed charcoal filters plus HEPA H14 filter for stand-alone operability Automatic, dispensing nozzle with dedicated exhaust system User friendly touch screen with icon-driven software Fully enclosed and vented operating area Built-in UV lamp for sterilization step Auto-locking door for safe operation Built in barcode for bucket recognition and specimen traceability Scale for specimen/fixative weighing Bucket ID: 1000000ED40095C91F814DD Speciment weight: 332 g Fixative weight: 1000 g Spec/Fix ratio: 1:3 Reagent:...

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