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WorkSTATION pro-x 140 An innovative, ergonomic center for macro digital documentation of small biopsies

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WorkSTATION pro-x 140 A user-oriented capture and storage system for digital macro images of small specimens. In today’s laboratory approximately 40-60% and in some instances up to 95% of specimens are endoscopic biopsies (prostate, gastro-intestinal). Handling of these small specimens takes place in large, bulky grossing stations designed for very large surgical samples. The WorkSTATION pro-x 140 has been developed to fill this technology gap and to document this manual step for patient safety and QA purposes. It dramatically reduces specimen turnaround time at the grossing station...

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WorkSTATION catalog - 4

All-in-one control panel. Bar code reader (option). Water drain basin with shower head for rinsing purposes. Magnetic bar for tweezers and other tools. Stainless steel ink tray. Easy access water inlet/outlet and power supply. Slide out waterproof keyboard with integrated trackpad. 10 cm (4”) industrial casters to enable easy repositioning. Quick access exhaust outlet (100mm diameter). MacroPATH State-of-the-art macro digital imaging CONNECTIVITY • Network ready 14 • LIS compatible • Remote viewing enabled The WorkSTATION pro-x built-in MacroPATH digital imaging technology is the most...

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Full documentation as simple as 1, 2, 3... Enter the specimen/patient data by keyboard or by scanning the barcode. The program automatically opens. Digitize the requisition form. Capture a digital image of the requisition form to exclude potential mismatch errors when manually entering the patient/specimen data. Ideal documentation for Quality Assurance. Automatic sizing/area. Select the image of interest. Choose the appropriate sizing tool (linear, area, perimeter) and select the area of interest. 5 Enhanced diagnostic reporting. Macro images and MP3 files of the description text are...

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Technical Specifications • Dimension (WxHxD): 1400mm (55”) x 1750mm up to 2050 mm (69” up to 81”) x 800mm (32”). Weight: 180Kg (396 Lbs) • Minimum table height: 900mm (35”). Maxiumum table height: 1200mm (47”) • Water connection: inlet 1/2”, outlet 40 mm max 10bar. Exhaust connection: 400-500 m3/h (14.126-17.657 cfh) Ø 100 mm • Power supply: 230V -50Hz / 115V-60Hz Interfacing the WorkSTATION pro-x 140 In addition to stand-alone operation, WorkSTATION pro-x 140 can interface with a PACS or LIS through coded solution or TWAIN mode. Stand-alone system Saved locally Saved in a network location...

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