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Company Introduction FMI Medical Systems Inc., is a high tech-medical imaging equipment development company that is focused on developing Computed Tomography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging , Digital Radiology and PET-CT Systems. FMI started as a small company but with a very seasoned and experienced research and development team of who had many years of experience in developing medical imaging devices dating back to the very first Computed Tomography Systems that were developed in Solon, Ohio by Technicare. With companies core value of "Compassion For Life", FMI is focused on humanity and striving to deliver excellent medical imaging equipment and services to aid in the health and quality of life for patients around the world. Solon, Cleveland R&D Center FMI Medical System 29001 Solon Rd, Unit A Solon, OH 44139 Phone:+1 -330-253020 European Subsidiary Romania Russia Subsidiary Dalian Software R&D Center Chengdu Manufacturing Base Zhongshan Innovation Center India Subsidiary Philippines Subsidiary

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• First choice for large and medium-sized medical institutions; fully automatic and multi-functional; large image volume storage • Single cesium iodide digital flat panel detector and industry X-ray tube • Symphony type acquisition software having better image quality and faster imaging process • 50KW high frequency high voltage generator imported with original packaging and integrated with workstation • 3-way motorized ceiling suspension tube stand and wall stand; precise positioning; full automatic positioning • 12-key wireless control making isolated operation possible; 10 APR automatic...

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FMI Single CsI FPD Ceiling Suspension DR System Computer Technologist Workstation Monitor Dell-workstation 3.6GHz, RAM: 4GB, Hard driver 1TB DICOM 3.0 Print, Modality Work list SCU/SCP, Ethernet 100/1,000mbit/s DROC Image Processing Software Motorized Wall Stand With a Wireless Integrate with X-ray generator and auto pre-set up KV/mAs from workstation. • DROC processing improves image contrast, adjusts dynamic range, enhances the details and reduces noise. It increases the visibility of low-contrast structures such as tissue and vessels while maintaining and enhancing the visibility of...

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 The Ceiling suspension tube stand is designed to facilitate a wide range of procedures. The heavy-duty and fully counter-balanced system moves easily for faster patient Motorized Ceiling Suspension Tube stand With a Wireless positioning and minimization of operator fatigue. Switch from motorized to manual movement with one button conveniently located on grip. Control all motion using the 12 key wireless remote. On X-ray tube side there is a 7" color Touch Screen may display the SID and X-ray tube angle, detector height and angle and also control all motion. The room ceiling height: 8.5 to...

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