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MRI Patient Monitor TeslaDUO Combined monitoring of SpO2 and NIBP for the MRI environment M AMMENDORFER I NSTITUT FÜR P HYSIK UND M EDIZIN

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Tesla DUO - 2

MRI pulse oximeter and non-invasive blood pressure monitor in one integrated solution TeslaDUO combines monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation and the measurement of the non-invasive blood pressure in one compact unit. TeslaDUO and all accessories are approved for a magnetic field strength of up to 3 Tesla. The wireless SpO2 sensor allows for greater flexibility in patient positioning, as well as being comfortable and easy to affix to the patient. The MRI monitor is available in 3 different configurations: • Option 1 - pulse oximetry (SpO2) only • Option 2 - non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP)...

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