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AW MIR MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH New Spirobank II® Functional design and user-friendly technology The new standard for portable spirometry www.spirometry.com www.oximetry.com

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Spirobank II® - 2

New Spirobank II® Accurate, powerful, easy to use Fast and intuitive to operate with an icon-based navigation menu Backlit, high-resolution display. On screen results and curves preview for immediate data analysis FlowMir® : Disposable turbine flow sensor (Spirobank II® is available also with resusable turbine flow sensor) Spirometer with Oximetry option for iPad S Ideal for family doctors, primary care, occupational medicine, screening. Oximetry Parameters: %SpO2 and Pulse Rate (Min, Max, Average). FVC,VC, IVC, IC ERV, PRE and POST with main parameters enabled (FEV1, FEV1%, PEF, FEF 25-75,...

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Spirobank II® - 3

0 ADVANCED PLUS • Portable minilab for pulmonologists and respiratory therapists • Preconfigured for use with optional oximetry module • Real-time tests with wireless Bluetooth® ) connection or USB. Connection to Bluetooth® Low Energy technology also available It comes additionally with: • SpO2 and pulse rate directly on the display of the device (including plethysmographic curve) • Medical-standard battery charger with interchangeable international plugs • Spirometry test with over 45 selectable parameters including PRE and POST test. MIR Turbine Flowmeters (comply with ATS/ERS...

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Spirobank II® - 4

Technical specifications Display Power supply Keypad Data transmission Dimensions device Device weight (with battery) Flow measurement Volume accuracy Flow accuracy Temperature sensor SpO2 measurement SpO2 accuracy Pulse rate measurement Pulse rate accuracy Configurable alarms ON-OFF Main spirometry parametrers Additional spirometry parameters Oximetry tests 3.7 V, 110 mA lithium battery USB rechargerable 6-key membrane keyboard USB and Bluetooth® Smart 160x55x25 mm 145 g ± 16 L/s ± 3% or 50 mL ± 5% or 200 mL/s semiconductor (0-45°C), automatic BTPS conversion Optional 0-99% Optional ±...

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