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MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH The most innovative and easiest solution to integrate Spirometry and Oximetry on your existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

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CONNECTING YOUR PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SOFT SpiroConnect es la solución para aquellos que desean conectar un espirómetro y oxímetro MIR con sus EMR o software de gestión de la consulta. Using SpiroConnect it’s no longer necessary to write the same patient card twice on two different systems. Indeed patient data, necessary to perform a spirometry or oximetry test, are sent by the EMR software to SpiroConnect. No worries about data security because SpiroConnect SUPPORTED MEASURES is database-less. The patient data is sent just-in-time by the EMR and will be kept by SpiroConnect only • FORCED...

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TWARE TO THE PULMONARY FUNCTION TEST How does the communication work? There are different ways to communicate with WEB SOLUTIONS SpiroConnect is the up-to-date answer to the user demand for SpiroConnect. The EMR or Practice Management software can call SpiroConnect after the patient data file is stored in a specified folder. Another solution supported allows SpiroConnect users to get patient data on demand querying a web- effective integration between a medical device and EMR. SpiroConnect is designed to support web-services and cloud computing solution. service. Clinical results, including...

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SpiroConnect is designed to be integrated with an EMR or Practice Management The EMR sends, using HL7 or XML format, a message containing Patient Info to The following Clinical Results and embedded graphs are an example of the answer sent by SpiroConnect to the Practice Management software using the HL7 or XML Parameters, Measure Units, Predicted Values and Measured Values are provided together with the graph of clinical test. EXAMPLE: PATIENT DATA EXAMPLE: SPIROMETRY TEST RESULTS MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH MIR Medical International Research MIR - Medical International Research USA,...

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