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MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH Two functional modes: doctor and Home-Care reddot design award Smart Oximeter with all results on-screen Touch Screen display Automatic ON/OFF simple programmable ON/OFF timer with motion analysis

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MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH Spirodoc® is the first 3D Oximeter® incorporating a triaxial motion sensor to correlate the saturation level (%Sp02) with physical activity (walk counter, movement analysis and 3D accelerometer with motion analysis 6MWT with new 02 Gap Index (MIR patent pending) Pulse Rate measurements with During the single six-minute walk test (6MWT), Spirodoc® estimates the level of oxygen therapy required by the patient. bflTR OXV SMUT -jLEEP *EMD Oximetry Menu Plethysmographic Curve NAME MARTINI Patient Data Entry Spirodoc® carries out sleep desaturation studies and...

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WinspiroPRO now available with HL7 interface MIR PC software for maximum oximetry performances All results can be quickly printed. WinspiroPRO can easily be connected to a database, EPR, hospital or occupational health system. All tests memorised in Spirodoc® are automatically downloaded into winspiroPRO and a patient data card is automatically created. Special edition with HL7 interface is available on request. Printout of sleep oximetry with desaturation analysis WinspiroPRO is a unique featured PC software, which comes standard with all MIR devices. The latest version provides an...

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MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH Central unit technical specifications Display: LCD Backlit Touch screen Display: Resolution: 128x64 pixels Power supply: Lithium ion 3.7V, 1100mA rechargeable battery with 30 hours measurement back-up Data transmission: USB 2.0 (Bluetooth® optional) Accelerometer: Triaxial ± 2g, 400Hz sampling Dimensions and weight: central unit 101x48x16mm, 99g Battery charger (optional): 100VAC - 240VAC, 50Hz-60Hz output 5VDC, 500mA, micro USB type B Sensors and accessories available on request Oximeter technical specifications SpO2 range: 0-100% SpO2 accuracy: ±2% (50-100%...

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