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Molecular Devices Microarray Informatics Software HIGH-PERFORMANCE MICROARRAY INFORMATICS SOFTWARE > DATA wAREHOUsING > advanced statistics > chromosome viewer > NO ANNUAL LicENsE FEEs > MULTI-THREADED ANALYsis Acuity 4 Microarray Informatics Software from Molecular Devices makes enterprise microarray informatics accessible to everyone. From installing and maintaining databases, and managing users and groups, to filtering and analyzing data, the intuitive interface of Acuity 4 allows users to set up and begin running quickly. Designed with performance, speed and scalability in mind, Acuity 4 Software securely stores data and provides sophisticated data mining tools in the form of cluster algorithms, advanced statistics and visualizations to track down elusive data correlations. Because it is a multi-user, enterprise-wide relational database tool, it can accommodate the microarray analysis needs of all lab users. DATA wAREHOUsING With Acuity 4 Software’s data management tools, data can be stored, accessed and shared with colleagues and collaborators. Central to Acuity 4 is a powerful and scalable relational database that can effortlessly store and retrieve terabytes of data. Acuity 4 Software supports both Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases, providing platform flexibility. Acuity 4 Software imports standard tab-delimited text files, making it easy to import microarray data, experimental descriptions and substance annotations from any source into the Acuity database. Full import of Affymetrix CEL, CHP, CDF and DAT files of all versions are also supported. All other file types (PDF, TIFF, JPG, BMP, GPS, GAL, HTM, etc.) can be imported into the Acuity database for convenient storage, as attachments to datasets. Many database management tools, such as merge microarrays, database backup and restore, are also included. NORMALIZATION Acuity 4 Software’s Normalization Wizard can normalize an arbitrary number of microarrays with the click of a button. Normalize on all spots, control spots, negative controls or any other subset of spots that can be specified with database queries. Normalize groups of microarrays to a time point or a sample. Choose linear ratio-based methods or non-linear Lowess methods, including print-tip groups. For Affymetrix data, Acuity employs the Robust Multichip Analysis (RMA) method of background subtracting, normalizing and calculating summary expression values from the probe-level data in Affymetrix CEL files.

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I Project Tree Interface ACUITY MICROARRAY SCANNER □•••(§ Diauxic - Most Substances E D Ea:: "Mecisrs 1030/032! S R^+inv^ -running vH ion S> to nisiize :d : ‘ie point ze d I SOM 4 s: 4 i llv.;ltff• =iii:Ii lean F : larcil t j £ b'OM • 1 x a duster; • euclidean bquatec • _Dd <51 C _.Aur Ft. ^-suri Curiturcc Avur^ju Si_Lj:J'ic jj £ C e-ie Craving - 7 clusters - _sq PC* - 6 curr |. j-ients - Luc \«- (F =-ilmg) - r.ap fa'is'ic - - ? tn ?n cluster^ Each dataset is stored in the database together with all the transformations and analyses performed on the data, maintaining an analysis audit...

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