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CloneMatrixMethyltcellulose concentrate for semi-solid media KEY FEATURES • Add directly to already optimized media • Animal-free • Conveniently provided as 40 ml of 2.5X concentrated product in a 100 ml bottle CloneMatrix™ is an easy-to-use product designed to convert existing mammalian cell biology media to semi-solid form. Semisolid media serves to maintain the positional integrity of growing cell colonies thus allowing the automated identification and picking of clonal cell lines. The use of semi-solid media combined with the unique fluorescent screening and picking technology of the ClonePix System will revolutionize clonal cell line development in biopharmaceuticals. • CloneMatrix is a unique methylcellulose concentrate which offers the user flexibility to add their own media formulation to produce an optimzed semisolid media reagent. • CloneMatrix is conveniently supplied as 40 mL in a 100 mL bottle, reducing the risk of contamination as there is no requirement to aliquot the concentrate. Supplied as a 2.5x concentrate, simply add optimized media (2x concentration), selection and supplements as required. • CloneMatrix is supplied as an animal-free product, so is suitable for use with serum-free media.

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The images show NS1 hybridoma colonies growing in CloneMatrix containing media. The images were taken 5, 7 and 9 days post seeding respectively. Images are at 40x magnification. Email: Check our website for a current listing of worldwide distributors. The trademarks used herein are the property of Molecular Devices, LLC or their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice. Patents: FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR USE IN DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES. MOLECULAR DEVICES

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