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Molecular Devices FAST, HIGH-QUALITY IMAGING FOR TWO-COLOR MICROARRAYS > simultaneous dual-laser scanning > rapid image acquisition > outstanding reproducibility > compact, robust, and easy-to-use > fully-integrated with simultaneous dual-laser scanning GENEPix PRO IMAGE Unlike most commercially available array scanners, ANALYSIS SOFTwARE the GenePix 4000B Scanner acquires data at two wavelengths simultaneously. Simultaneous image acquisition reduces scan times dramatically (6.5 minutes for a full scan at 10 pm resolution in both channels, and much less for smaller scan areas), increasing laboratory efficiency. Apart from superior speed, simultaneous scanning also provides real-time access to ratiometric data for instant assessment of image quality during acquisition. Using this high-performance design ensures precision alignment for accurate ratiometric calculations. (See Figure 1.) The GenePix® 4000B Microarray Scanner from Molecular Devices is a benchmark for quality, reliability and ease-of-use in microarray scanning technology. Coupled with GenePix® Pro Microarray Image Analysis Software and Acuity® microarray informatics software, the GenePix System sets the highest standards in the acquisition and analysis of data from all types of arrays, including nucleic acids, proteins, tissues, and cells. HIGH-RESOLuTION AcQuiSITION, AuTOMATED PMT BALANciNG The GenePix 4000B Scanner acquires data at user-selectable resolutions between 5—100 microns, allowing optimization of image resolution and file size for each experiment. Our exacting design specifications and rigorous factory testing ensure that each GenePix 4000B Scanner resolves features down to 5 pm. (See Figure 2.) In addition, GenePix 4000B Scanner automatically chooses photomultiplier gain values, for fast and easy optimization of signal intensity and channel balance. expanded sample compatibility The GenePix 4000B Scanner expands overall sample compatibility, with user-adjustable focus offset and laser power settings. Adjustable focus offset allows proper imaging of slides with either a raised surface, as with membrane-coated glass, or a recessed surface, as in embedded arrays. The ability to adjust laser power provides control in imaging intensely bright samples or limiting laser exposure to unstable samples. To ensure constant signal output at each pixel, laser power is dynamically monitored and small fluctuations, inherent to all lasers, are automatically corrected.

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GenePix 4000B microarray scanner Accurate Ratio Alignment (Figure 1) The GenePix 4000B Scanner is precision engineered for accurate ratio alignment. Ratio image (far left) and single red and green channel images of a hybridized cDNA arrayed spot scanned on a GenePix 4000B at 5 μm resolution. Spot diameter = 150 μm. Superior Resolution (Figure 2) An image of the resolution standard scanned on the GenePix 4000B Scanner at 5 μm resolution (top), with a detail view of the same scan (bottom). Each short bar is 5 μm wide, separated by 20 μm spacing. Before leaving the factory, each GenePix...

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