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MetaXpress High Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software Key Features • Create tailored analysis using interactive editor • Run routine modules and custom analyses on parallel processors • Schedule automatic data transfer between thirdparty hardware sources and secure database • Streamline imaging workflow; scalable for high throughput requirements High content screening (HCS) offers the unique ability to identify and quantify heterogeneous, sub-cellular and multi-parametric responses in diverse biological systems. The implementation of HCS allows users to capture high-resolution images, recognize and segment objects, calculate parameters, then reduce this information into meaningful data. MetaXpress® Software from Molecular Devices® brings the image acquisition and analysis for ImageXpress® Systems under one common platform to streamline the HCS workflow. Integrating the HCS workflow MetaXpress Software provides scalability to meet your laboratory throughput and flexibility to satisfy the needs of your individual application: • Protocol wizard and laser-based autofocus help configure image acquisition easily • Pre-designed application modules are available for commonly used image analysis routines • Custom modules for specific analysis measurements can be built easily and run in minutes • MetaXpress® PowerCore™ High Content Distributed Image Analysis Software dramatically accelerates analysis speed in a high-throughput environment • MDCStore™ Xchange Data Conversion Service supports automated image import from OME or 3rd party imaging systems, and data export back to MDCStore Data Management Solution • AcuityXpress™ High-Content Informatics Software further analyzes,

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Gold standar for image analysis d Interactive setup and review MetaXpress Software is built upon the industry-leading MetaMorph® Software, known for its image acquisition and analysis capabilities that have helped provide insights into cellular function for over 25 years. This extensive experience with cellular imaging and analysis techniques is incorporated into one package tailored to the needs of HCS users. • Key image acquisition and analysis modules are available • Complex analysis can be built effortlessly using stepby-step custom module editor Fast and simple MetaXpress Software...

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Flexible analysis Application modules for hundreds of assays Legend Applications Application modules Fatty Acid Uptake Cell Scoring Receptor Internalization and Punctate Patterns Granularity, Transfluor Assay Cell Proliferation Count Nuclei Cell Cycle Mitotic Index, Cell Cycle, Monopole Detection Pathway Analysis and Multiplexing Multi-Wavelength Cell Scoring Protein Expression & Modification, Transient Transfection Cell Scoring Cell Viability/Toxicity Live/Dead, Multi-Wavelength Cell Scoring Cell Signalling by Translocation Translocation (Enhanced) DNA Damage/Genotoxicity Cell Scoring,...

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Image analysis Integrative sharing MetaXpress PowerCore Software accelerates the HCS workflow by significantly reducing time required for image analysis. Leveraging the power of parallel processing, MetaXpress PowerCore Software is a server-client solution that enables users to leverage a scalable number of client based processors to run the MDCStore MetaXpress Software Application Module Data Management Solution algorithms in parallel, accelerating analysis 5- to 40-fold. With MDCStore Xchange Service, creating and sharing your own file format of choice is simple. Furthermore, the service...

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MetaXpress Software is the core image acquisition and analysis platform at the center of the Molecular Devices complete solution for high-content screening. To assist you in assembling a successful HCS infrastructure, Molecular Devices provides highend, research-grade imaging hardware, software, and support tools to streamline and scale up your workflow, including: • Two imaging systems—ImageXpress Micro XL Widefield System and ImageXpress Ultra Confocal System • MetaXpress and MetaXpress PowerCore Software for fast and flexible image acquisition control and analysis • AcuityXpress Software...

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Ordering information Hardware Control Options MetaXpress High Content Image Acquisition and Analysis Software Digital Confocal Option for ImageXpress Micro Systems External Control for Screening Acquisition • MDCStore High Content Data Management Solution (included) File Transfer and Scheduling • Standard licensing is transferable to the computer of choice Application Modules Part Number Custom Module Editor Angiogenesis Tube Formation Cell Cycle* Cell Health* Cell Scoring* Count Nuclei* Mitotic Index* Monopole Detection* Multi-Wavelength Cell Scoring* Multi-Wavelength Translocation Neurite...

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