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Multi-Mode Detection Platform Explore a wealth of applications in one future-ready system IjJftl MOLECULAR

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Benefits • User-upgradeable application modules including cellular imaging • Sensitivity across spectrum with Spectral Fusion™ Illumination • Expanded dynamic range with cooled PMT • Control and analytics provided by SoftMax® Pro Software SpectraMax i3x The SpectraMax i3x from Molecular Devices is a multi-mode detection system that evolves with your future needs and offers an unlimited breadth of application possibilities. Future ready The SpectraMax® i3x Multi-Mode microplate reader measures spectral-based Absorbance, Fluorescence, and Luminescence with the added functionality of modular...

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Expanded dynamic range Engineered for performance with spectral fusion illumination for increased sensitivity across the entire excitation range and a cooled photomultiplier tube (PMT) for improved detection in extremely low light. Generate more data points without the need to dilute. User-upgradeable applications User-exchangeable detection modules expand the system’s detection capabilities to include Time-Resolved Fluorescence, HTRF, Fast Kinetics with Injectors, and Quantitative low-light measurement Cooled PMT reduces background noise allowing for a more sensitive, wide dynamic range in...

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A WEALTH OF APPLICATIONS IN ONE FUTURE-READY SYSTEM Investigate every aspect of a cellular pathway From imaging of cell confluence and viability under different treatment conditions to quantitation of nucleic acids and protein to western blot analysis, a wealth of new knowledge is captured using a single instrument. One versatile software package powers data acquisition and analysis, from raw data to publishable results. See more and do more cellular to protein analysis using a single detection system. Academic Journal Live cell imaging Visualize cells with your microplate reader The...

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Additional cartridges Cartridge Optimized sensitivity Guaranteed sensitivity Slots used Western blot detection using ScanLater Western Blot Assay Kit High fg levels of Streptavidin High fg levels of Streptavidin Exceeds Cisbio certification requirements TRF-based with 340/80 nm EX and 616/10 nm EM AlphaScreen AlphaScreen and AlphaLisa detection using 1 W 680 nm EX laser diode and a 570 nm (100) EM filter Pick best speed, sensitivity, and price for your needs Guaranteed sensitivity: < 100 amol phosphorylates biotin-peptide in 25 µL assay volume in a 384-well plate Cisbio HTRF detection with...

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Technical specifications (base system) General specifications Dimensions (in.) Absorbance photometric performance 12.63 (H) x 15.38 (W) x 23.38 (D) Wavelength range Wavelength bandwidth Wavelength accuracy Power consumption Wavelength repeatability Power source Photometric range Photometric resolution General photometric performance Photometric accuracy Plate formats Photometric precision Spectral Fusion Illumination (Xenon flash lamp + high-powered LEDs or laser diode in detection cartridges) Stray light Light source Reading capabilities Microplates, cuvettes (via adapter) Fluorescence...

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