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SpectraMax M-Series Multi-Mode Microplate Readers Your applications, your modes, your choice Key Features • Upgradeable platform for changing lab needs • Three-mode cuvette port for assay development • Dual monochromator tunability • Automated absorbance pathlength correction The SpectraMax® M3, M4, M5 and M5e Multi-Mode Microplate Readers are a modular, upgradeable dualmonochromator microplate reader platform offering a wide range of high performance multi-mode capabilities ideal for life science research and drug discovery screening. Choose from a three- (M3), four- (M4), or five- (M5/M5e) mode reader customized to your specific applications or budgetary needs, while optional capabilities allow you to upgrade with other detection modes at a later time. All configurations offer a triple-mode cuvette port, accurate temperature control, microplate shaking and comprehensive data management using our SoftMax® Pro Microplate Data Acquisition and Analysis Software. Detection modes include: • Endpoint, kinetic, spectral and well-scanning • Comprehensive data analysis • Robotics compatibility • Fluorescence Intensity (FI) • Time-Resolved Fluorescence (TRF) The SpectraMax M5e Reader offers the additional benefit of being certified for Cisbio Bioassays’ HTRF® technology. Dual monochromators for assay flexibility With SpectraMax Multi-Mode Readers, there is no need to utilize expensive filters to optimize detection levels and background. The optical systems use two scanning monochromators so the user can determine optimal excitation and emission settings, resulting in assay performance similar to that of dedicated single-mode readers. Patented pathlength correction for better absorbance accuracy Only Molecular Devices microplate plate readers offer the capability to measure the depth (optical pathlength) of samples with no temperature dependency using the patented PathCheck® Sensor technology. With SoftMax Pro Software, the PathCheck Sensor automatically normalizes the well absorbance. This eliminates the need for standard curves, and, for compounds with known absorptive properties, enables users to calculate concentrations directly from absorbance.

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SpectraMax M series - 2

Five-mode microplate reading with superior optics Unique optical characteristics Assay collaboration for ease-of-setup 1. Reference diodes enable elimination of measurement noise due to slight fluctuations in excitation light intensity. Molecular Devices has collaborated with various assay partners to optimize and validate homogeneous and heterogeneous biochemical- or cell-based assay performance on the SpectraMax platform. To support these assays, we provide application notes as well as ready-to-run protocols in our SoftMax Pro Software. Some of our featured partner assays include HTRF...

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SpectraMax M series - 3

Which SpectraMax Multi-Mode Microplate Reader do you need? Detection Modes Absorbance Fluorescence Intensity Luminescence Time-Resolved Fluorescence Fluorescence Polarization HTRF Upgrade Options Plate Formats 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-, 384-Well Microplates Certification and Validation IMAP Validation (TR-FRET only) (TR-FRET only) (TR-FRET only) HTRF Certification LanthaScreen Certification Key Applications ADME-Tox Cell Migration Assays Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity Assays DNA/RNA Quantitation ELISAs Enzyme Kinetics Fluorescent Proteins and FRET Low Volume Applications Membrane Permeability...

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SpectraMax M series - 4

Comprehensive software and validation Comprehensive data analysis and GxP solutions Validation and compliance of optical characteristics SoftMax Pro Software provides data acquisition, analysis and management capabilities, allowing cross-plate analysis, custom calculations, and personalized reporting. For users operating in a FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant environment, SoftMax Pro GxP Software is available, allowing user permissions, audit trails, e-signature and reporting tools. SpectraMax Readers have the most complete level of product validation and compliance. Molecular Devices provides...

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SpectraMax M series - 5

Flexibility for your assay needs Robotics compatibility for increased throughput Highly customizable low volume applications SpectraMax Multi-Mode Microplate Readers can be easily integrated with our optional StakMax® Microplate Stacker for walk-away processing. Operated from within SoftMax Pro Software, the StakMax Microplate Handler can hold up to 50 plates and facilitates barcode reading. Molecular Devices’ unique SpectraDrop™ MicroVolume Microplate offers the highest throughput solution for low volume measurement available on the market today. The innovative and flexible design features...

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SpectraMax M series - 6

Technical specifications General Specifications Fluorescence Intensity Performance Reading capabilities Cuvette or top or bottom of a microplate Wavelength range Wavelength selection Monochromators, tunable in 1.0 nm increments Power consumption Power source Optimized sensitivity ≤ 1 pM fluorescein in 96 wells, ≤ 1.5 pM in 384 wells Guaranteed sensitivity** < 5 pM fluorescein in 96 wells or cuvette, < 20 pM in 384 wells General Photometric Performance Plate formats Light source Xenon Flash Lamp (1 joule/flash) Reading capabilities Cuvette or top or bottom of a microplate Wavelength...

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