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EC12T - 1

-date of foundation February 14,1992; - produces several thousand devices annually; - product range is renewed annually by new developments; - export share is about 20%. TATIOMARy PORTABLE MOBILE Excellent quality of printii (64 dots/mm along i the paper with speed 25 mm/sec) K12T-01i«R-D» hannel color TET display with LED backlight and simultaneous reflecting of 12 ECG leads USAGE: • Electrocardio diagnosis; • Intensive care units; • Ambulance; • Private physicians ...your medical diagnostics expert!

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EC12T - 2

...your medical diagnostics expertl MONITOR High technology at competitive price — ECG Machine provides patient's ECG measurement in the system of twelve common used leads, Cabrera and Frank leads, Nebh 3Kl2ifac®l-’ p-/j* 23.03.11 13:56 10 mm/mB 50 mm/c 0.05-150 f*u — LCD display allows watching 3,4,6 or 12 ECG leads simultaneously and print them in the same scale on thermal printer; — Arrhythmia mode allows to save paper; — Extend of printing in case of arrhythmia detection; — "ECG Analysis" Mode — printout of analysis results in full or short mode or without printing the analysis...

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