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AUTOCLAVE PORTABLE with amazing new features and Portable Moonmed Model: MO-MOST - 80G Model Size: 80Liter Moonmed autoclaves have been trusted by the most technology advanced leading Hospitals, CSSD’s, and Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Academic, Industrial and Clinical laboratories. Our solutions deliver the performance, quality and reliability required by Hospital staff, Researchers and Clinicians worldwide. OPEN DOOR WITH STORAGE SPACE AT THE BOTTOM SECTION OF THE UNIT. FEATURES The autoclave programs have been developed and designed for a wide variety of applications and can be used...

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Designed pressure Vacuum low limit Vacuum pulses counts Designed temperature Working temperature range Cycle time Chamber structure Chamber dimension (^*L) Overall dimension (L*W*H) Weight Location form Door opening method Water supply Power supply Input power Pressure display Temperature display Built-in steam generator Vacuum system Data record Loading tray -0.1~0.3 MPa -0.09 MPa 0~99 Times 1440C 105-1380C 10-60 mins according to different loading cycles Cylinder, Horizontal loading 358X717mm 900x730x1400mm 200Kg Stand-Alone, Portable Automatic, press button Pure water reverse osmosis...

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