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Multi-Function Rapid Washer-Disinfector MO-DXQ1500

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Multi-Function Rapid Washer-Disinfector General description The MO-DXQ series multifunction washer-disinfectors are designed for the ward beds, vessels, trolleys and other big items. It has the feature of a big volume, complete washing, highly automatic. It can finish the washing, rinsing, disinfection, drying automatically. Structure and principle Working principle: Adopts the soft water and pure water as the media to wash the items according to the circulating pump and the sprayers on the two sides. Meanwhile, it will inject the washing detergent for the complete cleaning. Heating the...

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• Door barrier protection: When the door is closed, it will return if it meets barrier/obstruction. No injury can happen to the operator. • Safe: When the operator or service person goes into the chamber, if urgent circumstance happens, they can open the door inside and cut off the power. PIPELINE SYSTEM CONTROL SYSTEM : The pipeline system consists of valves, water pump, fan, peristaltic pump, heating tube and other connectors to achieve the washing, disinfection, drying. It is mainly divided into water spraying pipes, detergent injection pipes, water tank heating system, hot air drying...

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Multi-Function Rapid Washer-Disinfector PLACE OF THE MACHINE : i No high-intensity magnetic fields around i No direct sunlight i No combustion source i Keep the product in a horizontal level position i Avoid heavy dust, oil mist, corrosive gas and combustible gas Natural ventilation WASHABLE ITEMS : i Ward beds(the bed must endure 90°Ctemperature and the bed structure cannot store water) Trolleys or racks i Plastic basket i Sterile box and lid i Operation table, shoes , containers, etc. i Animal laboratory cages Surgical instruments

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