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MOONMED ULTRA FREEZER -86C SERIES HPL / PL TL through a careful and complex research and development plan, has manufactured this completely new series "PREMIUM LINE" ultra-freezers at -35 'C. This Vertical Freezers PL Series (Premium Line) represents excellence in very-low-temperature freezers for laboratory use. The PL models have at standard the NEW ICE AGE CONTROL* a monitoring, recording and control system specially developed by T ,A really innovative control system suitahle to be used in the cryobiology and very-low-temperature sectors, offering an optimal user-friendly interface and a number of advantages as a unique solution. The PREMIUM LINE has the CE certification and complies with UNI EN 61010 (CEl 66-5) Standard for safety for laboratory equipment. It has been designed and manufactured according to the procedures of the ISO 9001:2003 quality system.

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Ultra Freezer - 2

MAIN TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS INTERNAL DIMENSIONS COMPARTMENTS INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: cm 70x65x26 (WxDxH) POWER CONSUMPTION Ca. 750 W (average referred at ambient T"C +23 C with a normal operation); TEMPERATURE RANGE The Equipment is certified in accordance with: MECHANICAL STRUCTURE: INTERNAL CABINET AISI 304 stainless steel (AISI 316 on request) with polished external BA finish for best resistance and

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Ultra Freezer - 3

* THERMAL INSULATION : • COMPENSATION VALVE." * COUNTER DOORS: - COMPENSATION VALVE: • REFRIGERATION SYSTEM * COOLING SYSTEM: * EVAPORATING SYSTEM: • CONDENSING SYSTEM: * THERMAL PROBES: • SAFETY THERMOSTAT: zinc-plated and pre-painted steel sheet [AISI 304 stainless steel on request) satin finish; non-CFC, non-HCFC PU foam, min. thickness 140 mm; Triple silicone rubber [prevention against air leaks}; frost formation prevention by means of the "hot gas" recirculation coils; high reliability and energy saving (it does not use additional power by...

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Ultra Freezer - 4

CONTROL SYSTEM a) NEW ICE AGE CONTROL® Electronic Control System with optimal user-friendly interface and a number of advantages for operators and after-sales support, features * DISPLAY: Backlit alphanumeric LCD, 2 lines and 16 characters; * KEYBOARD: membrane keyboard with I/O switch, key functions MENU with "+ /-" increase/decrease keys to select parameter values and functions; * USER' SECURITY: Password control against non-authorlied access; * 2-CHAJMNELS MONITORING: it allows adjustments by average values from 2 RTD Pt 100 sensors; failure of ore of tihe sensors automatically...

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