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The biological effect of shock waves can be specifically utilized Tissue Regeneration Technology to generate new tissue formation and successfully treat skin lesions

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dermagold100 — Tissue Regeneration Technology With dermagold100, MTS launches a multitalented premium device. Progressive operating technology, exclusive design and the latest MTS technology guarantee shock wave therapy at its best. Touch screen and touch wheel ensure easy appliance and progressive operating technology for daily use. The modern and compact design particularly qualifies dermagold100 for portable use. High-quality materials and the latest MTS technology guarantee most consistent shock waves for optimal treatment quality.

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dermagold100 represents the first therapy system which specifically utilizes the biological effects of shock waves. In cooperation with TRT Tissue Regeneration Technologies LLC, USA, MTS opens up a new field of therapy for chronic wounds and skin lesions. The effectiveness of ESWT is fully proven for numerous indications. Recent research has shown that shock waves have highly beneficial effects on skin lesions. It is proven that tissue which is exposed to shock waves initiates the production of VEGF (vessel endothelial growth factor), which in turn activates the growth of new blood vessels....

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dermagold100 Technical Data Applicator OP155 Therapeutic Focus fz (-6dB): Energy Flux Density (ED): Focus Energy (E total / -6dB): 0 – 82 mm 0.01 – 0.19 mJ/mm2 0.40 – 3.88 mJ Dimensions: Power Supply: Power Input: Repetition Rate: Weight: 21.8 x 40 x 45.9 cm AC 100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz 200 VA 0.5 - 8 Hz 16.5 kg Issue March 2012 MTS and TRT Tissue Regeneration Technologies LLC are at the forefront of non-invasive healing and regeneration of tissue by means of intelligent shock wave application. Our interdisciplinary team of physicians, biologists, physicists and engineers co-operates in...

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