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Increase your efficacy and minimize side-effects in lithotripsy without compromise. The innovative large focus lithotripter for kidney friendly treatment of urolithiasis with excellent stone desintegration. Spark Wave® Technology WOUND CARE EsWl maDe in geRmanY

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»lithogold380® – clinically proven efficacy. The flexible, multi-purpose, user-friendly high-end Spark Wave® lithotripter for the non-invasive therapy for urolithiasis.« Indications in Urology • Renal stones • Ureteral stones Indications in Orthopedics • onunion and delayed union N fractures • Stress fractures • Avascular bone necrosis • Osteochondrosis dissecans • reater trochanteric pain G syndrome • Plantar fasciitis • Shoulder tendinopathies lithogold380® Highlights • Improved stone fragmentation through “squeezing effect” • Reported re-treatment rates of less than 7% • Reduced...

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»lithogold380® – kidney friendly lithotripsy« User and patient friendly application Ultrasound targeting allows highly flexible movement of the ultrasound scanner to find the best “window” for targeting of the kidney stones. Excellent ultrasound imaging is guaranteed by latest ultrasound technology with touch screen interface. Patient data can be stored in a database and by DICOM interface. The highly flexible system allows the use of various x-ray C-arms of your choice for targeting of kidney and ureter stones. Also existing C-arms of the hospital can be used in combination with the litho­...

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TECHNICAL DATA Lithotripter Therapeutical focus Penetration depth Pressure range Total energy (E / -6dB) Pulse repetition rate total Mechanical Device dimensions (W x L x H) Weight Power Input MTS is specialized in development, manufacture and distribution of Spark Wave® therapy systems that are successfully used worldwide in orthopedics, traumatology, wound care and urology. Our patented Spark Wave® technology guarantees the medically most effective shock waves, a consistently high treatment quality as well as excellent treatment results that are achieved with the lowest number of...

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